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Painting with Light: Ben’s Guitars

17 Jun

Here’s an example of my work, using only a single LED torch as a light source. I lit each guitar individually before importing them into Photoshop and pasting all the different images together into one, perfectly lit image.

There’s actually one guitar missing, which is an Ibanez RGT42FX; currently getting some pickups changed.

Shown here is: ESP LTD SC607 7-string, ESP LTD V500, Ibanez RGA121 Prestige, Ibanez MTM1, Ibanez GR320 Ghostrider, Ibanez TC420 Talman and a Fender Strat copy that has been ‘Frankensteined’.

Shot on a Canon 7D with 10-22mm EF-S super-wide. 25sec @ f9.

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Ford Emblems

02 Jun

Another week has rolled by and Wednesday once again presents itself. This week we’ve got a cool collection of classic Ford emblems (or badges). Some would argue that the humble emblem is an art unto itself, with fancy script, use of colour and all manner of other factors at play that often have a direct impact on the level of fanaticism that its fans have for the marque.

This week we’ve brought you a series of six FREE high-resolution images of classic Ford badges, including those of the Escort, Cortina, Capri, LTD Fairlane and the iconic Super Roo decal. All texture images are absolutely FREE for personal and commercial use; however resale and repackaging is strictly prohibited.

Click on the thumb nails for the full-resolution experience:

Free Wallpaper: ESP LTD SC607 Electric Guitar

29 Apr


Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

Another example from a series I shot, mucking around with light painting a few weeks ago. The only light source was a single LED torch. Shot with a Canon 450D and kit lens on a 25sec exposure at about f18 or 20.
Image is free for personal use.

Free Wallpaper: ESP LTD V500 Guitar – Light Painting Exercise

12 Apr

Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

Another in our series of light-painted electric guitar images from Hosking Industries.
This image shows an ESP LTD V500 electric guitar, photographed with only an LED torch as a light source with a Canon 450D and the stock kit lens. The result of some experimentation late at night after a few beers. Shooting at 25sec @ f18.
Image is free for personal use. Commerical use is prohibited.