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Opinion Piece: New Beginnings (Street Commodores Editorial Columns)

13 Jun

This is the first in a regular series of editorial pieces we’ll be posting here on the blog, originally written by Hosking Industries’ Ben Hosking for Street Commodores magazine and other magazines he’s completed opinion pieces for. This column appeared in issue 169 of Street Commodores:

New Beginnings

As Street Commodores enters a new era with a new Editor, I’m in the enviable position of watching it all unfold, up close and personal.

The internal machinations of a magazine are something that seems to remain a perennial mystery to most folks on the outside, no matter how much we’ve chosen to divulge over the years. Street Commodores has always been one of the most accessible in terms of how much contact the editorial staff have with its readers and fans. Yet still, there’s only so much you want to give away and plenty that no one would probably ever care to know. Certainly, knowing too much can work to ruin the fantasy or aura that can surround the things you love.