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Live Gallery and Review: Behemoth @ Manning Bar, Sydney – October 26, 2013

11 Nov

Behemoth @ Manning Bar, Sydney - Oct 26, 2013     Behemoth @ Manning Bar, Sydney - Oct 26, 2013

Behemoth @ Manning Bar, Sydney - Oct 26, 2013     Behemoth @ Manning Bar, Sydney - Oct 26, 2013

Hosking Industries was lucky enough to witness the onslaught that is a Behemoth live show last time the Polish group played Sydney in 2010 when they destroyed the Metro. Three years later and singer Nergal has beaten Leukemia into submission and clearly had something to prove when the band took to the Manning Bar stage at Sydney uni on October 26. Read our review below and enjoy 35 images from the show by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails above:

Having witnessed Poland’s blackened death metal legends Behemoth slay everyone in attendance on their Sydney date of their last Australian tour in 2010, you can bet we were more than a little excited when we learned of their upcoming 2013 tour dates. Fast forward to Saturday October 26 and we arrive at Sydney Uni’s Manning Bar to find that several hundred other excited Behemoth fans were already lining out the door and around the corner.

First up on tonight’s three-band line-up is Sydney’s own Exekute; a young death metal group that clearly has a bright future if tonight’s tight performance is anything to go by. While lacking a little in terms of stage presence, the band more than makes up for the short fall with a barrage of rapid fire, brutal riffs and plenty in the audience seem already very familiar with their tunes.

Touring nationally with Behemoth is Italy’s Hour of Penance who is next on stage, upping the ante in terms of presence and brutality, even if the mix leaves things sounding a little one dimensional. Guitarist Giulio Moschini whips more windmills than your typical Dutch flour mill and singer Paolo Pieri turns out to be the second of three diminutive vocalists tonight who prove good things come in small packages, packing a mighty growl that gets the crowd fist-pumping for more.


Live Photos: Obituary @ Sydney’s Manning Bar – May 4, 2013

24 May

We had the pleasure of photographing Florida death metal legends Obituary when they played Sydney’s Manning Bar on May 4, 2013. We were asked to shoot by the folks at HEAVY Mag. While we didn’t review this particular gig, we can confirm the guys slayed the eager crowd. We’ve never heard a clearer, more aurally devastating mix at the Manning Bar and the guitar tone Trevor Peres was getting from his Fender Strat was insane. Who’d have ever considered playing death metal on a Strat!?

Support bands were Sanctium and Daemon Foetal Harvest.

CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to view the entire 34 image gallery.

Obituary @ Sydney's Manning Bar - May 4, 2013

Obituary @ Sydney's Manning Bar - May 4, 2013     Obituary @ Sydney's Manning Bar - May 4, 2013


Live Review and Gallery: Demon Hunter @ Manning Bar, Sydney – March 28, 2013

03 Apr

Demon Hunter @ Manning Bar, Sydney - March 28, 2013     Demon Hunter @ Manning Bar, Sydney - March 28, 2013

Demon Hunter @ Manning Bar, Sydney - March 28, 2013     Demon Hunter @ Manning Bar, Sydney - March 28, 2013

Seattle Washington’s Demon Hunter toured Australia for the first time this month and Hosking Industries was at Sydney’s Manning Bar to cover all the action. It was a five band line-up for the gig, with three Sydney deathcore/metalcore bands playing support to Demon Hunter and their fellow American Christian metal band I, the Breather. Read our review below (originally published on CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails to view all 32 images:

Tonight’s show at the Manning Bar proved to be a great event for fans of the deathcore and metalcore persuasions. Not only that, but with three local bands supporting the two US-based attractions, it was a great showcase of Sydney talent, too.

five-piece deathcore outfit Absolution kicked off proceedings to a fairly empty room, no doubt thanks to the early start. Despite a wobbly start with a mismatch of grandiose intro music and overly casual on-stage entrance, the band launched into a brutal set containing some truly bludgeoning breakdowns.

Caulfield upped the ante with a tight set of blistering metalcore of the two-singer variety. Tonight proved to be a veritable smorgasbord of talented drummers and Caulfield’s sticksman belted the crap out of his kit. But the band’s livewire bassist was undoubtedly the highlight; seemingly incapable of standing still for even a moment and putting on a great show. With plenty of big melodic choruses, they have no problem generating some movement in the small crowd. (more…)

Live Gallery: Sick of It All + Agnostic Front + Toe to Toe @ Manning Bar – 05.05.2012

13 Jun

Issue 10 of Australian Hysteria magazine is on-sale now, featuring our live photos from the recent Sick of It All show at the Manning Bar at Sydney University on May 5, 2012. Supports included Australia’s punk veterans Toe to Toe and New York’s Agnostic Front.

The last time Hosking Industries had seen Agnostic Front was when Ben worked at the long-defunct Music Factory in Newcastle, NSW Australia back in the mid-late 1990s. The rehearsal studio boasted a cool live venue downstairs called The Pitt (that was the spelling) that played host to hardcore and punk bands from all over the world. Agnostic Front played two shows that day, with an all-ages in the morning for the kids and an over-18s later that night. Ben was charged with making sure the band were comfortable during their stay.

All three bands put on excellent performances this time around at the Manning Bar, although Agnostic Front singer Roger Miret was feeling the rage for other reasons: a series of technical issues causing plenty of angst and no doubt creating some tension back stage after their set.

Despite the humourous and numerous comical excursions and larger-than-life persona of Agnostic axe-slinger ‘Stigma’, Sick of It All were still the highlight of the night with brothers Lou and Pete Koller putting on live wire performances. In fact, it’s always surprising Pete doesn’t collapse with cardiac arrest, considering the non-stop performance he puts on. Anyway, enjoy our gallery of 30 pics from the show! CLICK HERE to view them on our Flickr page.

Sick of It All @ Manning Bar, Sydney     Sick of It All @ Manning Bar, Sydney

Sick of It All @ Manning Bar, Sydney     Sick of It All @ Manning Bar, Sydney


Live Review: Helmet @ Manning Bar – Images and Words

01 Jul

Ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll probably be able to tell you that Helmet is my all-time favourite band. Page Hamilton has been a huge influence on me musically. We even share the same haircut!

I got the chance to photograph Helmet’s live show at the Manning Bar in Sydney on June 24, 2011 as well as review the gig for I naturally jumped at the chance, given that would mean I got to see the show from right up the front. Any closer and I would have been groping him.

They were supported by old 1990s group Pangaea. I wasn’t even aware they were still around or had regrouped. Certainly, their discography seems to indicate nothing since around 1997. Correct me if I’m wrong.

You can read the review BY CLICKING HERE. It’s a relatively long review as far as online live reviews go, but I like to add some historical context and background. So kill me.

You can see the image gallery of live photos BY CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below:

Helmet - Manning Bar, Sydney

Helmet - Manning Bar, Sydney Helmet - Manning Bar, Sydney

Photo Gallery: Soilwork at Manning Bar – October 22, 2010

25 Oct

I went along to the recent Soilwork concert at the Manning Bar in Sydney last Friday night one behalf of I was there to photograph the Swedish band’s gig with support band Buried in Verona.

Soilwork play a form of metal called melodic death metal and formed in Helsingborg in the 1990s. Their latest album, ‘The Panic Broadcast’ is a killer slab of metal and sees the band really return to form after one or two less impressive releases possibly a result of founding guitarist Peter Wichers’ absence.

Click the link or the thumbnails below to view the entire gallery or CLICK HERE to listen to my interview with Soilwork singer ‘Speed’, also on

View full gallery:

View Soilwork Gallery View Soilwork Gallery
View Soilwork Gallery View Soilwork Gallery

Photo Gallery: Exodus @ Manning Bar – October 2, 2010

04 Oct

I attended the Exodus gig at the Manning Bar on the campus of the university of Sydney on Saturday October 3, 2010 – shooting it for Exodus is one of the seminal ‘Bay Area’ thrash bands from the USA that were around since the birth of thrash. Kirk Hammett from Metallica was actually in Exodus before he joined Metallica in the early 1980s.

Supporting acts on the night were Subtract from New Zealand and Switchblade from Australia. Switchblade played a form of technical death metal with a rather clean cut image. All the band members were wearing matching black work shirts with their logo on the sleeve. Kinda reminded me of early Staind, when they all were black Dickies or Ben Sherman shirts.

I will probably also be reviewing the gig, but for now enjoy the photos!

CLICK HERE or on one of the four thumbnails below to view the entire gallery:

View the entire Exodus image gallery View the entire Exodus image gallery
View the entire Exodus image gallery View the entire Exodus image gallery