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Live Photos: Mastodon + Gojira + Kvelertak @ Sydney’s Hi-FI Bar – March 1, 2012

04 May

A series of 40 images from Mastodon‘s gig at Sydney’s Hi-Fi bar at Moore Park on march 1, 2012 – shot for Australian Hysteria magazine. The concert was one of the many Sidewave shows happening as part of the huge Soundwave festival tour that rolled through town at the end of February 2012.

The band were supported by Gojira and Kvelertak. Hosking Industries was lucky enough to shoot some promo shots of Gojira before the gig. You can see the results HERE.

The venue was newly opened and the stage lighting was horribly dark through each of the three band’s sets, which was a shame. There were more shooters in the pit than I’ve ever seen and all were complaining about the darkness. CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to view and download.

Mastodon @ Sydney's Hi-Fi Bar     Mastodon @ Sydney's Hi-Fi Bar

Mastodon @ Sydney's Hi-Fi Bar     Mastodon @ Sydney's Hi-Fi Bar

Feature Car: Daniel Cox’s 1936 Morris 8 Tudor

22 Mar

Now for something a little different! Novocastrian (someone from Newcastle, Australia, for the uninitiated) Daniel Cox built this way-cool 1936 Morris 8, inspired by the exaggerated proportions and out-there thinking of legends like Ed Roth. His wild creation is certainly a fitting testament to the twisted mind of the ‘Big Daddy’ and you’ll be able to read all about it’s journey from junk heap to hero in issue 13 of Heavy Duty Hot Rods, on-sale now.

Powered by a tunnel-rammed 350ci SBC and T350 (the venerable combo), the little British tudor must feel a bit like a go-kart on the road, but somehow Daniel has found a tasty visual balance with the car – a car that also boasts wicked Caddy tail lights, neat flames and gorgeous billet rims. Daniel scored an excellent location for the shoot at an old, still operational factory just outside of Newcastle that we dearly hope to be able to use again in the future. Don’t think for a second we’re gonna tell you where this one is!

As always, we’ve included strobist information (where applicable) and our EXIF data is always on show for those who want to know. You can download all six images as FREE desktop wallpaper images. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to jump.

Daniel Cox's 1936 Morris 8 Tudor

Daniel Cox's 1936 Morris 8 Tudor     Daniel Cox's 1936 Morris 8 Tudor

Feature Car: Shannon ‘Walt’ Robertshaw’s 1965 Ford XP Delivery

13 Mar

Also featured in issue 46 of Brute Utes & Vans is our feature shoot on Shannon ‘Walt’ Robertshaw’s retro-cool 1965 Falcon sedan delivery. We found Shannon and his Ford at the Taren Point Rat Day on a couple of occasions and finally picked up the phone and arranged a shoot. It’s certainly a mild custom, with only a short selection of nice modifications to make it a reliable and eye-catching daily without the need for engineer’s papers.

Powered by a stocker 170ci Ford six-cylinder up front, the delivery boasts plenty of pin striping and rodding stickers as well as the obligatory Mexican blanket, drive-in speakers and white wall tyres. He and his faithful companion can be seen cruising his native Central Coast (NSW) area all the time and we loved the laid back, old-school vibes this car dished out. Be sure to pick up a copy of issue 46 of Brute Utes & Vans when it goes on sale shortly.

We shot the Falcon in Shannon’s workshop using Canon Speedlite flashes and we’ve listed the lighting information on each image’s caption on our Flickr page as usual. You can read all that and download desktop wallpaper versions of the images by CLICKING HERE or on the images below. Enjoy!

Shannon 'Walt' Robertshaw's XP Falcon Delivery

Shannon 'Walt' Robertshaw's XP Falcon Delivery     Shannon 'Walt' Robertshaw's XP Falcon Delivery

Feature Car: Michael Symonds’ Holden VU SS

09 Mar

Brute Utes magazine recently published our photo shoot and story on Michael Symonds’ 2001 Holden VU SS, known as IM25US (I’m too suss, for the number plate illiterate). You can read all about Michael and his ute in issue 46 of the magazine, on sale very soon.

The ute’s LS1 engine makes a healthy 415rwhp thanks to some fine tuning by Sam’s Performance in Padstow, NSW. It’s clearly when things get more graphic that Michael’s SS really shines, with plenty of evil air brushed murals along the flanks and under the bonnet. The all-blue interior has to be seen up close to truly appreciate.

As always, we’ve got a selection of desktop wallpaper images of the VU for you to view and download FREE. While most of the shoot was done using ambient light, you can find lighting information and EXIF data on each image’s caption on our Flickr page. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to check it all out.

Michael Symond's 2001 Holden VU SS

Michael Symond's 2001 Holden VU SS     Michael Symond's 2001 Holden VU SS