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Live Review and Gallery: Bullet for My Valentine @ Sydney HiFi – February 27, 2013

04 Apr

Bullet for My Valentine @ Sydney HiFi - February 27, 2013     Bullet for My Valentine @ Sydney HiFi - February 27, 2013

Bullet for My Valentine @ Sydney HiFi - February 27, 2013     Bullet for My Valentine @ Sydney HiFi - February 27, 2013

The annual Soundwave festival tour never fails to bring some excellent ‘Sidewave’ action along with it. 2013 saw numerous fantastic Sidewave lineups, including the Slayer show we shot and reviewed HERE. We were asked to go along and shoot the Bullet for My Valentine show at Sydney’s HiFi a couple of days after the Slayer show and were not disappointed. Read our review below and CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails above to check out the gallery (items originally published on

Plain and simple: if we’d paid to see Bullet for My Valentine‘s gig tonight and happened to be under 18, we’d be pissed. The two age brackets were split into two lines, with the kids funnelled up into the mezzanine level of the venue, well away from the action (and the bars, granted) below. You can tell by the looks on the faces upstairs that this decision is not a popular one.

US five-piece Miss May I open the evening’s activities with a frenetic set that sees front man Levi Benton enthusiastically cover more kilometres of stage in one short set than some musicians cover in their careers. The band has no problem getting the early crowd moshing with their brand of metalcore, covering tracks from Monument and 2012’s At Heart, despite largely playing in the HiFi’s murky darkness. (more…)

More Bullet: Previously Unpublished BFMV Interview with Matt Tuck

05 Jul

Bullet for My ValentineIn Ben Hosking’s recent interview with Welsh metal band Bullet for My Valentine‘s Matt Tuck for Reverb street press (Read that part of the interview HERE), we discussed a great deal more than space allowed for in print. Below is the rest of our 20-minute chat with Matt, where we discussed things like guitar gear, touring, their roots in Bridgend, influences, Matt’s possible solo recordings and much more.

BH: You formed in Bridgend in Wales in 1998. It was a pretty small place, right?
Matt Tuck:
Yeah, it’s a little Welsh town. It’s pretty small. 

How then did you come to pick up instruments and form a band? Was there much of a scene there?
We were just in school and got into music by watching MTV and stuff as kids; watching bands like Metallica. I thought, “Wow, that’s pretty cool” and decided I wanted to play guitar and saved up all my money until I could afford a little cheapie, crap electric and started learning how to play.
Being 14 or 15 years of age and going to school… it’s a really great age. You start discovering music and things like that. I got into a group of friends that started to do that and before we knew it we were jamming instruments together and that was what. We formed a little band and took it from there. 

Interview: Bullet for My Valentine in Reverb Street Press

04 Jul

The latest issue of Reverb street press in the Newcastle region of New South Wales has my interview with Matt Tuck from Welsh metal band Bullet for My Valentine in it. As it’s a hard copy publication, I’ve posted the interview below for you to read. However, if you wish to view their online version of the newspaper, CLICK HERE.

I’ll have plenty more of the conversation with Matt available online here shortly. We discuss stuff like his signature Jackson flying-v, recording processes and equipment, live gear and much more.

Bullet for My Valentine interview
Bullet for My Valentine interview 2