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Milestone: 5 Million Flickr Views and Counting!

24 Aug

A little self-congratulations this evening as the Hosking Industries Flickr page hit 5 million image views! Not much else to say on that one, except thanks to anyone and everyone who has ever taken the time to check out our photos! Have a drink on us!

5 million Flickr Views

100,000 Visits & A Very Merry Xmas from Hosking Industries!

20 Dec reached a milestone this morning, with 100,000 unique visits, right before what is sure to be a very Merry Xmas! 2011 has been a phenomenal year for us; connecting with a number of new magazine titles such as Modified Mustangs & Fords in the USA and Australian Classic Car. We photographed 70 custom cars and motorcycles, shot a number of great international gigs for web and print and self-published our first (albeit for our own enjoyment) photo book.

We’re very much looking forward to what the new year will bring and hope 2012 brings you all good luck and prosperity as well. A huge thanks to everyone that’s taken the time to seek us out on-line, or who has found us through a search engine and enjoyed their stay. See you in 2012.

30,000 Hits!

05 Mar

30,000 HitsI’m happy to announce that the blog hit 30,000 hits last night. Might not sound like much when compared with major sites, but it makes us smile!Our weekly free high-resolution texture images certainly bring us a lot of traffic, however we’re happy to report that other, more regular features on the site like CD reviews and the like bring us plenty of attention as well.

A huge thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to visit us so far, found us via Google searches or word of mouth… We don’t mind how you find us, so long as you do. Be sure to tell all your friends and bring on 40,000!

Ben Hosking

10,000 Hits! Bring on 20,000.

01 Nov

Our blog reached 10,000 hits tonight! Sure, the site as a whole has had more hits than that and our old blog had previously reached about 5,000 – but this… this feels like a momentous occasion.

Hosking Industries was founded on February 1, 2010 and life has been speeding up ever since. After working full time in the motoring media industry for seven years before going freelance, getting back into the creative nitty gritty of the industry was like a breath of fresh air. For too long I’d (I know, I keep using ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘My’ AND ‘We’, ‘We’re’ and ‘Our’) been delving deeper and deeper into the management side of things. I was really missing the creative element that goes with putting magazines together: writing, shooting and getting out into the scene to talk with car owners. Then there’s the music scene…

Even before I made my first steps into the motoring media industry in 2001 or 2002, I was having a blast interviewing most of my favourite metal bands, reviewing their CDs and going to their gigs so I could inform first the Newcastle and Hunter region public and later the fledgling interwebs – well, it was fledgling for me back in 1999. Do a quick search of our blog here and I explain my old street press 27wtelve in more detail. (more…)