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50,000 Visits and Counting

21 Jun

Just a quick one to thank everyone who has passed through our virtual, on-line doors since we went live with We hit 50,000 unique visitors last night, which we feel is something to celebrate. Not sure what that equates to in page hits, views and the such. We reckon the number of visitors is a better representation.

We’ve probably been a little quiet around here lately. The work levels in the office have been phenomenal which has prevented us from posting anything but the bare minimum – which happily means Wicked Wednesdays FREE textures and samples from our feature car shoots, usually! – plus Ben is currently undertaking a course in teaching. Hopefully before the year is out we’ll have started posting juicy news tidbits and mind-pour rants like we did in the beginning.

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by and have a beer for us!

Hosking Industries Team

Thanks for coming! 100,000 Image Hits on Flickr

22 Feb

Wow! Over night our Flickr page enjoyed its 100,000th hit. Online for a year, our page contains around 1500 images now thanks in part to our weekly texture images and irregular car show and concert uploads.

The page contains more than that though, with examples of our more serious photographic works from feature car shoots and other more artistic endeavours. You can check it all out by CLICKING HERE or clicking on the image below.

A huge thanks to all of you who’ve been to our Flickr page so far and a pre-thank you for all of you who visit it at some point in the future. While there’s really no incredible gains for us from having plenty of hits, it sure does make us feel nice!

CHECK OUT the Hosking Industries Flickr page HERE.

Hosking Industries Flickr Page