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Image Gallery: Alter Bridge + Living Colour @ Sydney HiFi – Feb 25, 2014

16 Mar

Alter Bridge + Living Colour @ Sydney HiFi - Feb 25, 2014     Alter Bridge + Living Colour @ Sydney HiFi - Feb 25, 2014

Alter Bridge + Living Colour @ Sydney HiFi - Feb 25, 2014     Alter Bridge + Living Colour @ Sydney HiFi - Feb 25, 2014

We were fortunate enough to watch Alter Bridge‘s recent headlining side show gig at Sydney’s HiFi Bar, supported by the legendary Living Colour. After photographing the typical first three songs, we then had the privilege of watching the rest of the show from within the photo pit! CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails to view our 33-photo image gallery and read our review below:

It almost seems absurd that a chart-topping US rock band like Alter Bridge should be playing a venue as small as Sydney’s HiFi. So, it makes sense that tonight’s show – a Soundwave sideshow – should be completely sold out. Indeed, the line of punters stretches from the front door, around the side and turns back on itself to the front door. The Tremonti (AB’s guitarist) tattoo taking one guy’s entire lower leg tells us that he’s probably been here most of the day waiting.

Funk rock legends Living Colour open up tonight’s festivities, celebrating 25 years of their iconic album ‘Livid’ with a room already full of eager audience members. Each musical legends in their own right, guitarist Vernon Reid, bassist Doug Wimbish, drummer Will Calhoun and singer Corey Glover are equal parts tight and loose all at the same time in a magical way that makes almost no sense and total sense all at once.  It’s no wonder AB front man Myles Kennedy later proclaimed that one of the primary reasons we were seeing them tonight was so they could play a gig with them and that it “was a dream come true”.


Live Review: Slash @ Hordern Pavilion for Reverb

02 Sep

SlashReverb street press have published my recent review of the Slash concert at the Hordern Pavilion on August 16, 2010.

CLICK HERE to read the review in Reverb, or follow on below to read the longer, unedited version:

“A loud, rumbling bass note shakes the foundations of the iconic Hordern Pavilion, making the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The darkened stage is adorned with little more than a cloth backdrop, painted with the artwork from Slash’s new eponymous solo album.

Originally booked for the Enmore Theatre, ‘The Cat in the Hat’ moved the night’s proceedings to the larger venue; ultimately selling that out too. All the surrounding pubs and cafes were choked with black-clad rockers of all ages and persuasions trying to sink a few before the gig.

Taking to the stage in his trademark top hat and muscle tee, Slash and co. Ripped straight into the opening number, ‘Ghost’ from his new album. Originally sung by Ian Astbury from the Cult, Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy handled the vocal duties admirably. Indeed, he handled the entire two hour set’s worth of tracks – that included Guns and Roses hits like ‘Nightrain’, ‘Civil War’, ‘Rocket Queen’ and ‘Sweet Child ‘O Mine’ – incredibly well.

From afar, Slash doesn’t seem to have aged much in the last 20 years as he bops, sways and stalks across the stage from left to right. It isn’t until the sixth song that he finally addresses the full house with a simple, “How you doin’?”

It’s a diverse set that runs the gamut of Slash’s career to date and keeps the huge audience entertained from start to finish as each solo rings out loud across thousands of fists and devil’s horns thrust high into the air. A number of tracks from his new album are covered including ‘Back from Cali’, ‘Nothing to Say’, ‘By the Sword’ and ‘Starlight’. Despite none of the other guest vocalists from the album versions being present on the night, Kennedy does an excellent job of the material without once trying to parody the other singers. In fact, Kennedy’s stage manner seemed suitably restrained; ensuring all eyes were on Slash on his big night – one that Slash himself later admitted was being recorded for later release.