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We Shoot Video: Ron Grabbe’s 1964 Buick for Street Machine Magazine

04 Jan

Here’s a short video we shot for Street Machine magazine on Ron Grabbe’s insane, under-the-radar twin-turbo, NRE-powered 1964 Buick Special earlier this year.


Feature Car: Steve Hopes’ Chevrolet Camaro ‘SINISTR’

13 Nov

Our photo shoot on Steve Hopes’ brain-snapping NRE (Nelson Race Engines) twin-turbo Chevrolet Camaro was featured in the last issue of Street Machine magazine, which was on sale last month. There isn’t much left of the original car, with every nook and cranny replaced, smoothed, polished and fettled into a potent, tyre-destroying show car.


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Steve Hopes' Chevrolet Camaro 'SINISTR'

Steve Hopes' Chevrolet Camaro 'SINISTR'     Steve Hopes' Chevrolet Camaro 'SINISTR'