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CD Review: Paradise Found – Foundations

06 Nov

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Paradise Found - FoundationsHailing from Newcastle, Paradise Found offer the listener a mix of hardcore-influenced vocals with down-tuned riffing that combines equal parts hardcore and circle pit-inducing breakdowns. According to the band’s bio, Paradise Found has been credited with having one of ‘the highest energy live shows in Newcastle to date’, which is a big call; however, as far as the local Newcastle scene goes in recent years, that could be a perfectly believable statement.

‘Foundations’ is the band’s new debut EP and it’s full to the brim with concise, infectious slabs of brutality that remain totally hummable thanks to their strong guitar melodies. From the opening strains of ‘Northern Lights’ to the closing gang vocal of ‘End of the Story’, this EP will have you either shouting the words or humming to the guitars – no question.

With plans for a full-length album in 2013, you can expect big things from this Newcastle quintet. Their unique mix of influences will no doubt continue to see plenty of bruised and bloodied bodies in mosh pits up and down the east coast in the coming years. Keep an eye out.