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Feature Car: Ross’ HQ Holden One Tonner

13 Nov

We photographed Ross’ tough, nitrous-injected HQ Holden one-tonner utility on the Northern Beaches of Sydney back in 2011. It’s powered by a Holden V8 with a big direct-port nitrous setup that you just know gives this ute a big kick in the pants. It’s full of all the tough gear;  right down to the utilitarian Kirkey race seat that must be hell to endure when cruising on the street.

We’ve got six FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to download and as always, you’ll find our photos on Flickr complete with EXIF data and lighting information. CLICK HERE to view the entire gallery or on the thumbnails below:

Ross' HQ Holden One Tonner

Ross' HQ Holden One Tonner     Ross' HQ Holden One Tonner

Feature Car: Rob Owen’s LH Holden Torana Drag Car

16 Aug

Here’s a selection of seven shots Hosking Industries took of Rob Owen’s nitrous-fed LH Holden Torana drag car for the latest issue of Holden Muscle magazine in Australia (issue 3). At the time we wrote the story on the car it had already run a 9.6sec ET with 600hp with more to come.

Rob is the third owner of the Torana, but only the first to actually get it finished and race it. Read the full fascinating story in the magazine.

You can download FREE desktop wallpaper images of these shots on our Flickr page by clicking HERE or on the thumbnails below. Be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine when it goes on sale very soon.

Rob Owen's LH Holden Torana

Rob Owen's LH Holden Torana Rob Owen's LH Holden Torana