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Live: Cannibal Corpse, Psycroptic, Disentomb, Entrails Eradicated @ Metro Theatre – October 6, 2012

22 Oct

Originally published at, here are our photos and live review from the recent Cannibal Corpse gig at the Metro Theatre in Sydney on October 6, 2012. The American death metal veterans were supported by Australian metal bands Psycroptic, Disentomb and Entrails Eradicated. In typical Metro fashion, the lighting was abysmal. CLICK HERE or on the thumbs below to view the pics.

Cannibal Corpse @ Metro Theatre, October 6, 2012     Cannibal Corpse @ Metro Theatre, October 6, 2012

Cannibal Corpse @ Metro Theatre, October 6, 2012     Cannibal Corpse @ Metro Theatre, October 6, 2012

Australian death metal fans generally aren’t quite as lucky when it comes to high-profile gigs like their brethren who enjoy less-heavy strains of metal. You could probably blame the state of the music industry for the lack of international death artists all the way over here to our little patch of dirt in the middle of nowhere.

Therefore it’s a testament to the talent, determination and endless road miles put in by death metal legends Cannibal Corpse that Aussie fans have had the luxury of seeing the band live on our shores no less than three times in the last 10 years. However, despite the surprising regularity with which we have been able to enjoy Cannibal Corpse’s punishing live show, tonight’s gig at Sydney’s iconic Metro Theatre is no less special for it. The fact that the band is being supported by three Australian death metal acts tonight just adds to the impact.

First up is Western Australia’s Entrails Eradicated whose brand of super fast, super technical death leaves a half-full venue worth of punters with heads spinning. As if having two guitarists wildly sweep picking their way through a set wasn’t enough, their bare-footed, 6-string-weilding sweep picking bass player is enough to make this reviewer want to put the bass away and go become an accountant.

Feature Car: Andrew McClelland’s 1928 Ford Tourer

05 Oct

Issue 18 of Heavy Duty Hot Rods (aka Modified Street Hot Rods) is about to hit the stands and includes three photo shoots by Hosking Industries, including the one we did on Andrew McClelland’s awesome retro 1928 Ford Tourer, shown here. Resplendent in its undercoat grey paint and boasting plenty of understated pin striping, the flathead-powered open-cab rod gets plenty of attention.

Andrew and his Drag-Ens club mates built the rod in a short time frame for their annual Valla Rod Run, that the club puts together on the NSW north coast. Here, Andrew’s daughter scored the job of cruising the funky flattie along the cruise route all weekend, grabbing a trophy for her efforts.


As always, we’ve got a selection of desktop wallpaper-sized images for you to view and download for your own computer. For the photogs, you’ll find our EXIF data on each image as well (no real strobist stuff this time around, except the engine shot). Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to jump.

Andrew McClelland's 1928 Ford Tourer

Andrew McClelland's 1928 Ford Tourer     Andrew McClelland's 1928 Ford Tourer

Alison May Fildes for Evolution Custom Ind.

04 Oct

We were recently commissioned to photograph the gorgeous Alison May Fildes to showcase two new t-shirt designs from Evolution Custom Ind. in Brookvale NSW, Australia. Seeing that we already had to shoot the excellent Evolution workshop for a feature in Performance Garage magazine (stay tuned for that), we jumped at the chance to get Alison in front of our cameras.

Lighting and camera buffs will find our lighting and EXIF data on all images over on our Flickr page and the landscape images can be used as desktop wallpapers, in 1680-resolution. CLICK HERE or on the thumbs below to check ’em out and be sure to check out Evolution’s Facebook page at the link above.

Alison May Fildes

Alison May Fildes  Alison May Fildes  Alison May Fildes