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Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Carpark Textures

09 Jun

We’ve got some great new high-resolution textures for you this week. Taken in a modern concrete ad steel carpark in our local area whilst covering a car show, the textures feature various elements like dried up mud from the recent three weeks of rain, grungy drain grates, flaked paint, cabling and conduits and more.

As usual, our textures are absolutely FREE for private and commercial use. However, resale and repackaging is strictly prohibited.

Click on the thumbnails for the full resolution experience!

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Patina Textures 2

26 May

We’ve had a lot of downloads of our previous grunge and patina textures in the past, so we thought we’d upload a fresh set of automotive patina textures for you this week. Consisting six high-resolution images, you’ll find varying degrees of paint decay and rust that will hopfully inspire your own designs.

As usual, our texture images are absolutely FREE for personal and commercial use, however resale and repackaging or distribution is prohibited.

Click the thumbnails for the high-res experience:

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Road Surface Textures

07 Apr

It’s that wonderful time again, folks! A time when we treat you to another round of high-resolution textures, absolutely FREE!

This week’s theme is ‘road surfaces’ and we’ve found a few good ones for you, including some nice grungy ones with plenty of messed up paint marks, cracks and holes and lose gravel.

As usual, they’re free for private and commercial use. Just dont go passing them off as your own, repackaging or reselling.

Click the thumbs for high-res goodness: