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Watch my 2017 Portfolio Video!

22 Nov

Just a little something I strung together with my favourite shots of last year.


Short Shots: Hosking Ind’s Automotive Portfolio Video on Youtube

28 Jan

We put together a short, one-minute video of our favourite 25 automotive images and posted it to Youtube last week. It acts as a kind of portfolio showcasing our best work in a time frame that is unlikely to bore anyone to death or infuriate someone trying to navigate our 400+ posts here or 5000 images on Flickr!


Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Tree Textures

28 Apr

We’ve got some excellent high-resolution textures for you this week! Made up of six FREE images, our theme this time around is ‘tree’ and the files contain shots of grain, bark, log ends and even a few weird bugs!

As usual, our textures are FREE for both personal and commercial use. However repackaging, redistributing and resale are not permitted. We’d love to see how they’re used. So if you find a use for one or more of them, show us! A link back would also be pure win.

Click the tumb nails for the full-res experience:

Band Photography: Chinchen

20 Apr

Chinchen 3

Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

This is a shot from a shoot I did with Newcastle band Chinchen several years ago. It was shot on 35mm transparency film and cross processed to achieve the exaggerated look. This shot was subsequently used on the band’s posters and also on the cover of Newcastle street press, U-turn.
Hosking Industries offers affordable professional band/artist photography in the greater Sydney/Newcastle area. Contact us for a quote: