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Monster Magnet + King of the North @ HiFi Sydney – April 4, 2014

14 Apr

Monster Magnet @ Sydney HiFi - April 4, 2014     Monster Magnet @ Sydney HiFi - April 4, 2014

Monster Magnet @ Sydney HiFi - April 4, 2014     Monster Magnet @ Sydney HiFi - April 4, 2014 published our image gallery and review of Monster Magnet‘s headlining gig at Sydney’s HiFi Bar on Friday April 4, 2014 – supported by King of the North and Arrowhead.

CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails to see the entire gallery and read our review below:

To say that we were a little concerned about Monster Magnet’s set upon reaching the HiFi Bar just as the doors were opening would be an understatement. Simply put, there was very little sign of life. Granted, it was a dismal evening with some drizzle and cold Autumn winds blowing through, but there was hot night of raucous rock and roll to be enjoyed inside.

Regardless, Sydney band Arrowhead opened the night’s festivities to an almost empty room, rocking out with an energetic mix of mid-paced stoner/desert/Sabbath vibes. The three-piece made a beautiful racket and the small crowd clearly appreciated their driving, grooving slabs of riffage.

In terms of small outfits making a grand noise, King of the North won’t find many contemporaries coming close to their sonic footprint. The Aussie two-piece (made up of singer/guitarist Andrew Higgs and drummer Danny Leo) utilises a clever guitar rig that channels low frequencies to a bass amp via an octave pedal, creating a thick grind that’s fish-arse tight. It’s a technique put to great use by earlier two-piece groups like Local H, but don’t think for a moment that King of the North are simple clones.