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PURE PLATINUM: Scott Briggs’ 350ci 1932 Ford Coupe

06 Jun

Scott Briggs' 1932 Ford Coupe


Trik Trim’s Scott Briggs built this awesome and totally classic 1932 coupe in his spare time. With a potent SBC and tonnes of style, we reckon it’s a winner
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Scott Briggs' 1932 Ford CoupeIt’s easy to feel like ‘you’ve seen one ’32, you’ve seen ’em all’, but then sometimes you stumble across one that seems to offer something just a little different. Mid-north Coast resident Scott Briggs might have built his ’32 3-window using an almost perfectly classic combination of parts, yet thanks to his use of colour, intense attention to detail and skills with the needle and thread this silver high boy stands out from the crowd.

A trimmer by trade, it goes without saying that Scott’s 3-window boasts a well executed interior. But this Ford is much more than that. No matter where you look, you’ll find attention to detail that would leave a number of dedicated show rods in the dust, yet this car has been built with cruising in mind.

“Since my last build took five years to complete due to my wife having two beautiful daughters, I thought this build would go much faster,” Scott says. “As it turned out, it still took four years.”

“Once I’d finished the ’34 roadster I built last time, I thought ‘no more for a while’, but as usual, within a few months I was champing at the bit to start something new. I think it’s the challenge involved when you’re a fussy bastard like me and insist on doing most things yourself.”Scott Briggs' 1932 Ford Coupe

Sourcing a body and chassis from Elvis at Rod Bods, Scott had the basic ingredients for his new ride. In the interests of reliability and ease, a 350ci SBC crate engine was chosen to power the rod, with an equally classic T350 backing this up. Just to ensure the recipe was as classic as possible, a 9in lives at the end of the power package, using highway-friendly 3.25:1 gears.

“The car was always going to be black,” Scott says. “But at the eleventh hour I changed my mind and went for a silver colour from the Honda catalogue. I’m now thankful I did, because it’s just that little bit different.”

Sprays by his neighbours over at Colour Worx, the paint is still straight off the gun as you see it here in the pictures. Not that you’d know it, with the glowing silver laid down smoother than the proverbial baby’s bum. It covers everything up top and under the car, too.

Scott Briggs' 1932 Ford Coupe“I had a hectic few months leading up to October last year to get it finished for rego,” Scott says. “We made it, but it was three months of running my business by day and using all available weekends and nights after work on the car. After that effort I was glad to see the rego sticker applied.”

With the rego successfully obtained, Scott decided to take a breather and parked the car in the shed for a few months, finishing things off properly when he had the time. While it looks complete to the casual observer, the ever-picky Scott says it’s never finished, with the boot being the biggest of the little things left to complete.

You can get a good idea for how that will look by having a good hard squizz in the cabin. It’s in here that Scott’s expertise really came into play.

Dressed in a striking red leather sourced from Ford Performance Vehicles, the contract between the exterior silver and the interior red is more than appealing to both one’s sense of sight and smell. Thankfully, despite this being the personal vehicle of a trimmer, the car doesn’t feature some gaudy, overblown visual extravaganza inside. Instead, it’s a tasteful trim following classic lines that suit the rest of the car. But don’t let that make you think it’s some simple, throwaway piece. There are plenty of details in there for you to find. For example, flip the Glide bench over and find the 6x9in speakers hiding back there. Better, see how the lines created in the door skins flow around the cabin into the other panels. Nice.Scott Briggs' 1932 Ford Coupe

“One of my first drives in the car with my brother (once we’d spent an hour getting the speedo calibrated) was a cruise to the beach,” Scott says. “We pulled up in the car park to find a large puddle of trans’ fluid pooling under the car. Thinking the worst, we got under there to find that the trans’ sump plug had actually gotten hooked on a speed hump, spinning it loose. A call to my wife and three litres of fluid later and we were all good to go.”

If Scott’s ’32 isn’t one of the most tasteful rolling business cards around, we don’t know what is. If the crowds circling the car at the recent Autumnfest event in Taree are anything to go by, it’s bound to get Trik Trim some new business!

VEHICLE: 1932 Ford Coupe
OWNER: Scott Briggs
BODY: Honda silver, frenched aerial hole
ENGINE: 350ci crate SBC, cast heads, 600cfm Holley, Edelbrock intake manifold, MSD distributor and coil, finned rocker covers and breathers, alloy engine pulleys, chromed alternator, solid engine mounts, thermo fan,  spark leads, 4-into-1 block huggers, twin 2in stainless exhaust
TRANS: T350, shift kit, shortened Fairlane tail shaft
DIFF: 9in, 3.23:1 final drive, LSD
INTERIOR: Ford FPV red leather trim, cut-pile carpets, red roof lining, Dolphin gauges, Grant steering wheel, retractable seat belts, Glide front bench, JVC head unit, Earthquake power amp, JVC front speakers, Pioneer 6x9in rear speakers
SUSPENSION: Dropped I-beam front, rear coil-overs, stainless 4-link, raised rear rails
BRAKES: XF Falcon front rotors, VS Commodore front calipers, Ford V8 rear drums, stainless braided lines
WHEELS: 15in Cragar alloy rims (6in front, 7in rear)
THANKS TO: Trik Trim, Rod Bods, Colour Worx, Phoenix Restos, my wife Sarah and daughters Kodi and Abbey for their understanding during the build

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As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.

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As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.

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