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Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Abstract Textures

13 Apr

So, things have been a little quiet around here lately… the only thing we seem to have time to post lately has been the weekly Wicked Wednesday textures. In a way, that’s a great thing because it means we’re super busy shooting feature cars and bikes for magazines all over the world as well as writing up a storm. We’ve really got to make more of an effort to get on here more often, though.

This weeks texture pack is all about close-ups and abstracts of relatively mundane objects. Often these kinds of images can provide a different view of the world and both inspire a project or become a pivotal part of it and we hope that you find a use for one or more of these FREE high-resolution images in your future design projects. The image set includes close-ups of an electric guitar neck and strings, heavily decayed painted timber, the skin of a human palm, a plasma screen and more.

As usual, all Hosking Industries texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use, however we do not permit the resale, repackaging or redistribution of the images. In short, don’t go passing them off as your own, putting them in some super jumbo compilation of super dooper textures under your own name and crap like that. We’ll take your balls!

Click on (or right click and Save-As) for the high-resolution experience:
FREE Abstract Textures FREE Abstract Textures FREE Abstract Textures FREE Abstract Textures FREE Abstract Textures FREE Abstract Textures