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Live: Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney – 15 July, 2013

24 Jul

Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney - 15 July, 2013     Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney - 15 July, 2013

Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney - 15 July, 2013     Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney - 15 July, 2013

Having had the pleasure of seeing Joe Satriani in concert at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney a few years back, one of the things left on our bucket list was to see Steve Vai: the very guy Ben played air guitar to throughout his younger years with Vai’s Passion & Warfare album cranking out of his boom box. That was officially ticked off the list on July 15, 2013, when Ben photographed and reviewed Steve Vai’s gig at the Enmore for You can read it below.

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In the sphere of instrumental music, few names stand as tall as Steve Vai‘s. With a career that really started to take off while under the tutelage of Frank Zappa and then a stint with both Whitesnake and David Lee Roth‘s band, his place in the pantheon of music icons was cemented with the release of his second solo album, ‘Passion and Warfare’, in 1990.

23 years later, Vai is still adding music to his catalogue as vital and urgent as any of his output in the ’90s. It was no surprise then, to find Sydney’s Enmore Theatre almost at capacity for the local leg of his tour in support of ‘The Story of Light’.

While there were perhaps more women and families in the crowd than this reviewer (and self-confessed Vai fan) would have predicted, the majority of punters were of the guitar-nerd persuasion. That’s OK though, given that there’s no more appreciative a crowd for this kind of music than the type that’s ready to air-guitar in public like no-one is watching.


CD Review: Steve Vai – Where the Other Wild Things Are

13 Jul have just published my review of Steve Vai’s latest live album, ‘Where the Other Wild Things Are’ – recorded during his ‘Sound Theories’ tour in 2009, with this performance taking place at the State Theatre in Minneapolis. Read the excerpt below and CLICK HERE to read the entire review or click the album cover:

…As usual, the performances are perfect – Vai’s choice of backing musician is always spot on. The set list was well paced; including classics like ‘The Audience is Listening’, ‘Liberty’ and ‘For the Love of God’ from his groundbreaking 1990 album ‘Passion and Warfare’. But for the most part, it all just feels a little dead…

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