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Feature Car: David Chami’s LS1 LH Holden Torana

16 Aug

Issue 47 of Xtreme Holdens is due out soon and contains our photo shoot and feature story on David Chami’s cool self-built LH Holden Torana. Powered by a late-model LS1 alloy V8, this unassuming beast mixes classic Holden appeal with modern Holden power.

In a potentially perilous turn of events, Dave actually bought the car on the internet, sight unseen. Luckily for him, everything turned out OK and the car still wears that same coat of paint today. While the trim is original, everything under the car has been changed and you can read all about it in issue 47 of Xtreme Holdens.

As always, we’ve got a raft of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to view and download on our Flickr page. Strobist fans and camera buffs will also find our lighting info and EXIF data there, however the exterior shots were primarily shot using natural available light. CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to view.

David Chami's LH Holden Torana

David Chami's LH Holden Torana     David Chami's LH Holden Torana

Feature Car: Chris Milburn’s LJ Holden Torana Sedan

25 Jul

A selection of six images from a photo shoot and feature story Hosking Industries did on Chris Milburn’s sweet LJ Holden Torana sedan for Xtreme Holdens magazine in Australia. The feature appears in the latest issue of the magazine, number 38, on sale now.

As you can see from the images, Chris’ LJ runs a nice Holden six cylinder engine with triples and sounds angry thanks to an aggressive cam profile. The entire car has been rebuilt from the ground up and you can read all about it in Xtreme Holdens.

You can download desktop wallpapers of each of the images we’ve uploaded by CLICKING HERE or on each of the images below. Strobist information is available on each image’s caption for anyone interested.

Chris Milburn's LJ Holden Torana

Chris Milburn's LJ Holden Torana Chris Milburn's LJ Holden Torana