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Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Tree Textures 2

10 Nov

We’ve been collecting an assortment of beautiful bark and tree textures over the past year and we could have easily brought you twice as many textures this week. But let’s save some for another day, eh? This week we’ve brought you a collection of six high-resolution images of different tree and bark surfaces including rough bark, smooth bark, bug-eaten bark and gnarly, knotted stuff, too!

As usual, all Hosking Industries texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use unless otherwise stated. However, resale, repackaging and redistribution through channels such as CD/DVD, websites etc is prohibited. So don’t go passing them off as your own.

Click on the thumbnails (or right-click and Save-As) for the high-resolution experience:
Tree and Bark Textures Tree and Bark Textures Tree and Bark Textures Tree and Bark Textures Tree and Bark Textures Tree and Bark Textures

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Plant Textures

23 Jun

Another week rolls by and it’s time again for our Wicked Wednesday high-resolution texture images! You’re in luck this week, as we took a trip to the Mt. Tomah Botanical Gardens out past Kurrajong, NSW Australia over the weekend and captured some amazing plant life.

In this collection of six very high-resolution textures you’ll find grasses, a conifer, grass tree and a couple other things we can’t remember the names of. As usual, they’re FREE for your personal or commercial use; however ressale and repackaging is strictly verboten!

CLICK THE THUMBS for the high-res experience:

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Ground Cover Textures

16 Jun

Throughout our travels we’ve always been on the look out for good texture images we can later give to you FREE here on our website. What we found on our search through the hard drives this week was an abundance of images depicting various ground covers – like grasses, bark, leaves and whatnot. So, that’s what you get this week!

These images have been taken from such locations around New South Wales, Australia as Castle Hill, Silverwater and Parramatta Lake. As usual, all our high-resolution texture images are entirely FREE for personal and commercial use. However, resale and repackaging is strictly prohibited.

Click the thumb nails for the high-res experience:

Photo of the Day: Toward the Canyon

06 May

Toward the Canyon

Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

An image I took while driving my rental car toward the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas in 2006. I love the snowy peaks in the distance. It’s something I’ve never experienced here in Australia; having never been to the snow. I wasn’t ready for the sheer scale of the Canyon. It blew me away.
I know it’s pretty cliche, but I dig the framing, light and light cloud cover.
Image strictly copyright. NO Commercial use permitted.

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Tree Textures

28 Apr

We’ve got some excellent high-resolution textures for you this week! Made up of six FREE images, our theme this time around is ‘tree’ and the files contain shots of grain, bark, log ends and even a few weird bugs!

As usual, our textures are FREE for both personal and commercial use. However repackaging, redistributing and resale are not permitted. We’d love to see how they’re used. So if you find a use for one or more of them, show us! A link back would also be pure win.

Click the tumb nails for the full-res experience:

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Natural Stone Textures

21 Apr

It’s your favourite day of the week once again! Hump day is now ‘free texture’ day at Hosking Industries and we’ve got some great stone textures for you this time around. In fact, we scored so many great stone textures last time we left the confines of our office that there’s bound to be more coming your way in the future.

We’ve got lichen and moss, sandstone, bedrock and other great stuff in hi-resolution clarity. Use them how you wish. As usual our textures are FREE for personal and commercial use. The only this that is verboten is repackaging and resale. Naughty naughty!

Click the thumbs for the high-res experience: