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Portfolio: Pitt St. Reflection

24 Apr

Pitt St. Reflection

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I took this photo on 35mm film during the Sydney Olympic games in 2000. It is a reflection from the sculpture on Pitt Street in the city of the blue and white plastic water-filled barriers that were installed to increase the size of the side walks. I thought it came out really nice.
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Social Conscience: Pearl Jam to Plant $210,000 Worth of Trees

02 Apr

The Pulse of Radio recently reported that Pearl Jam is spending a whopping US$210,000 to plant trees in their home state of Washington. This is apparently to offset the carbon emissions from their last US tour. According to the piece, this will cover the band’s travel and accommodations as well as their fan’s travel to the shows.

Guitarist Stone Gossard told Reuters, “Pearl Jam is a band but we are also a business. We’re seeing ourselves as a Washington business, a regional business that is acknowledging its carbon footprint and hoping to inspire other businesses.”

According to a similar piece on our favourite, the band have made similar contributions to green initiatives in 2003 and 2006, totalling more than US$100,000. This was to work on issues such as climate change, renewable energy, and the environment.

The group’s singer, Eddie Vedder stated that, “Bringing it up and saying, ‘What are we doing to this planet?’ — it’s an obvious thing to be thinking about these days. And it just so happens that in our job, you know, there’s a microphone, and people in front of it, and us behind it, and I guess we’re gonna use it for what it’s worth.”