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Forum Wars: Internet Loud Mouths Face Off For Real

05 Apr

Automotive discussion forums are renowned and loathed for the segment of users that think they know it all. You know the ones. They’ll tell you that they’ve been there and done it all and generally make nuisances of themselves at every opportunity by making sure their opinion on anything and everything has been heard the loudest. Jeebus help you if you dare to challenge their wealth of knowledge.

Instead of designing some new form of super virus to slowly and systematically wipe them all out, Royal Purple have teamed up with the Speed Channel in the US to create a TV show where noted loud mouths face off against one another in real automotive challenges.

The premise of “Forum Wars” is to put these annoying folk on a real race track so they can put their skill where their mouth is – should they have any. The first episode is due to air Monday April 5 US time and will see a Shelby Mustang GT500 go up against a Nissan 350z.

According to news reports, various driving disciplines will be covered, including circuit and straight line ability. CLICK HERE or the image below to head to and watch the video below.

We still kind of yearn for the deadly virus idea, personally.

Happy Easter: FREE Abstract High-Resolution Textures

01 Apr

We love chocolate and love public holidays. We may not believe in the ‘real’ meaning of Easter, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to share in the joy of giving. So we’ve assembled a few extra freebies for all you design buffs out there.

Perhaps the theme behind these high-resoltuion textures is a little tenuous, but we think you’ll enjoy using them in your work somewhere. They’ve all been taken around the Hosking Industries office!

As usual, the textures are FREE for private and commercial use. We don’t allow redistribution or fraud, though. Enjoy!

Click on the thumbnails for high-res goodness!