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Feature Car: Michael Sande’s Ford Mustang Fastback

18 Apr

My photo shoot of Michael Sande’s incredible, trophy-hauling Ford Mustang Fastback was featured in the April 2017 issue of Mustang Monthly in the USA, proudly flying the flag for custom Aussie-built cars. The magazine has subsequently featured the shoot on its website since and never fails to attract plenty of praise for Michael’s efforts – even if it is right-hook!


As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.

Michael Sande's Ford Mustang Fastback

Michael Sande's Ford Mustang Fastback      Michael Sande's Ford Mustang Fastback

Front Cover: Wasyl’s Incredible Eleanor-Inspired Ford Mustang

11 Aug

Our photo shoot on Wasyl’s mind-bendingly good Eleanor-inspired Ford Mustang fastback made it onto the front cover of the latest issue of Mustang Monthly magazine in the USA (September 2016).


Mustang Monthly September 2016

Front Cover: Andrew Panda’s Fastback on Mustang Monthly in the USA

04 Dec

Exciting news today, as our first cover for Mustang Monthly Magazine goes on sale in the USA today! That Ring Bros-inspired beauty on the cover belongs to Andrew Panda from Sydney. Awesome start to the weekend!


Mustang Monthly - Jan 2016

Feature Story: Mick Fabar’s Zero’d Falcon in Modified Mustangs & Fords USA

06 Apr

Modified Mustangs & Fords May 2013

We had the pleasure of writing up the feature story on Mick Fabar’s incredible carbon-neutral XR Ford Falcon known as Zero’d for Modified Mustangs & Fords magazine in the USA. The May 2013 issue of the magazine is on sale in America now, flying the flag for Aussie ingenuity and forward thinking.

Powered by a turbo diesel Ford V8 and built using almost 100% recycled parts, as well as offsetting emissions through creating a more environmentally-friendly workshop, the car achieves a carbon-neutral state, despite boasting some amazing fabrication and engineering. Be sure to get your hands on a copy of the magazine to read all about it.



Feature Car: Ziggy’s Hot Rods 1968 Ford Mustang

03 Feb

Hosking Industries had the rare pleasure of photographing the 1968 Mustang Fastback known as Warhorse 427 for Modified Mustangs & Fords magazine in the USA last year. This incredible custom vehicle was the recipient of 5000 man-hours in the bodywork alone! Built by the talented team at Ziggy’s Hot Rods in Medowie, about two hours north of Sydney, Australia, the off-white Fastback has wowed audiences since its debut at MotorEx around 18 months ago.

The car, owned by Mike Kluver, is featured in the March 2012 issue of Modified Mustangs & Fords, with the feature story also written by us. You can visit their website HERE.

We shot the car close to the Ziggy’s workshop one steamy Summer evening. Toward the end of the shoot it became so humid that the UV filter on the front of our lens started to fog up! We rattled off more images than we’ve probably ever snapped for any other car, such is the detail inherent in the Mustang and today we bring you six FREE desktop wallpaper-sized images for your own enjoyment.

Strobist fans will find lighting information on each image’s caption on our Flickr page. CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to view and download the shots.

Ziggy's Hot Rods 1968 Ford Mustang

Ziggy's Hot Rods 1968 Ford Mustang     Ziggy's Hot Rods 1968 Ford Mustang

1990s Revival: Avail – Over the James (c1998)

03 Oct

For all who saw Richmond, Virginia’s Avail play with Lagwagon earlier this year, you’ll know they can rock the house down. And now, here is their new album: much heavier than their last effort but still in keeping with the great vocal harmonies and melodies that filled the last disc.

14 phenomenal tracks are what’s on offer here and it has become obvious that the metal head drummer has had his evil way with the rest of the band, as their style has just gone through the roof as far as heaviness is concerned. But don’t get me wrong, this is a very good thing. No-one will be disappointed with this CD at all; there is just nothing bad to comment on and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of guys.

From the song names, lyrics and the interview I did with the guys before, the issues put forward are all local to them and you can tell this by the amount of emotion put into each performance. It just shows really well that if you write about something that directly affects you, it will sound that much more natural and powerful. It worked for these guys tenfold.

I’m sure any one of the 380 people at the Pitt on January 9 will either have already bought Over the James or are going to buy it, aren’t you!? No really, this album is the perfect example of how to write and record the perfect CD. Congratulations guys.



Interview: Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society) for

28 Aug

Zakk Wylde InterviewI interviewed Zakk Wylde of Black Labal Society (BLS) for recently. I spent over 20 minutes talking to the metal guitar legend who played alongside Ozzy Osbourne for more than 20 years, as well as forming his own well-known band BLS and releasing a few excellent solo albums such as the mellow ‘Book of Shadows’. Below is an excerpt from the lengthy interview in which we discussed the new BLS album ‘Order of the Black’, the recording process, his departure from Ozzy’s band, guitar gear and much more. CLICK HERE to read the full interview.

“…Your life has been pretty eventful over the last 12-18 months with the blood clotting and having to go sober as a result of that. Has any of that, along with the departure from Ozzy’s band ended up on the new Black Label Society (BLS) album?

No. We were just laughing because it’s been four years since we did ‘Shot to Hell’ and we were like ‘It’s been four years already!?’ But then again, it’s been 22 years I’ve been with Ozzy and my daughter is 18, my son just turned 17 today and our little guy Hendrix just turned eight. So, like two of my kids are getting ready for college.

It’s just amazing how the time flies by and in the last four years it’s been like my family has been gluing me back together. I had throat surgery and wasn’t even sure if I was going to be able to sing again. Then I had an umbilical hernia and had to get that operated on. I mean, right after these surgeries I’d go right back out on the road again. It’d be like surgery, then tour, then surgery, then tour. Then I got the blood clot thing and then I was right back out on the road. Then the Ozzy thing went down and right after that my father passed away.

People were like ‘Dude, you’ve had a rough year’, and I go ‘Dude, that’s before lunch!’ (laughs) When you’re in Black Label you ask, ‘Are you sure you wanna put this vest on? Because a lot of burden comes with it’. You gotta be hard as nails and you gotta do what you gotta do. You gotta GI/FD – Get it Fuckin’ Done…”

CLICK HERE to read the full interview.


Live Review: Train @ Enmore Theatre – Monday June 21, 2010

25 Jun have just uploaded my live review of the Train gig at the Enmore Theatre in Newtown (Sydney, Australia) on Monday night, June 12, 2010. Read the excerpt below and hit the links to read the full review and view the image galleries:

…Train are entertaining. Monahan refused to stand still; stalking the stage from one end to the other while smiling at the audience and taking photos of himself with fan’s cameras from the stage’s edge. Stafford swapped guitars between each song, cutting an imposing figure in his military-styled jacket and polished skull. They’re happy to get as close to their fans as they can, foregoing a crowd barrier as flailing arms and hungry hands grasp desirously from the dance floor below…

CLICK HERE to read the full review.
CLICK HERE to view images from the show.


Photo of the Day: Toward the Canyon

06 May

Toward the Canyon

Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

An image I took while driving my rental car toward the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas in 2006. I love the snowy peaks in the distance. It’s something I’ve never experienced here in Australia; having never been to the snow. I wasn’t ready for the sheer scale of the Canyon. It blew me away.
I know it’s pretty cliche, but I dig the framing, light and light cloud cover.
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