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Automotive Photography: Taking Baby Steps

17 Aug

Darren's VX Commodore Photoshoot

After laying out about $8000+ in new camera gear over the last couple of months, all along with the niew to shooting all manner of things including cars, I took my first steps into shooting feature cars by taking some test shots of my mate’s VX Holden Commodore. These three shots and five others on my Flickr page are the results.

I used two 430EXII and a 580EXII flash with two sitting on the ground and one on a stand, all at full power and controlled by Cactus V4 triggers. I’m pleased with the results and am now looking forward to shooting my first proper feature car for Street Commodores soon.

CLICK HERE to view all eight shots on Flickr.

Darren's VX Commodore Shotoshoot

Darren's VX Commodore Photoshoot