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60,000 Visits! Thanks for Coming

05 Aug

60,000 Visits!Feels like just yesterday that we counted up 50,000 unique visitors to our humble little site. Thankfully the daily web traffic has been steadily climbing and the distance between milestones like this are coming around sooner and sooner. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to come and visit out website since last time heralded similar news. Your patronage is always appreciated and we hope you’re getting something out of each visit.

We’ve been uploading a lot of our recently published photo shoots lately, which has created a lot of extra traffic to the site and to our Flickr page (visit it HERE).  You can bet we’ll have plenty more of this coming up over the next months and years. So keep coming back!

Hosking Industries

50,000 Visits and Counting

21 Jun

Just a quick one to thank everyone who has passed through our virtual, on-line doors since we went live with We hit 50,000 unique visitors last night, which we feel is something to celebrate. Not sure what that equates to in page hits, views and the such. We reckon the number of visitors is a better representation.

We’ve probably been a little quiet around here lately. The work levels in the office have been phenomenal which has prevented us from posting anything but the bare minimum – which happily means Wicked Wednesdays FREE textures and samples from our feature car shoots, usually! – plus Ben is currently undertaking a course in teaching. Hopefully before the year is out we’ll have started posting juicy news tidbits and mind-pour rants like we did in the beginning.

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by and have a beer for us!

Hosking Industries Team

40,000 Visitors. Thanks for Coming!

03 May

We reached 40,000 hits the other day, so I thought I should post something to mark the occasion. By 40,000, we mean visitors, unique hits. Not page views.

A huge thanks to everyone that’s visited our site because you were actively seeking us out, and even if Google helped you find us. Either way, it’s nice to have a decent flow of traffic despite not having enough time in the day to post more regular content.

I’m pretty sure I said I’d try and post more regularly when we last celebrated a traffic milestone, but the workload has simply prevented us from actioning any new web development; even though I REALLY want to make some changes around here and post more often.

So, thanks again and hopefully it won’t be long until we celebrate 50,000.