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Why Work With Me?

Hi, my name is Ben Hosking. I’ve been working in the car magazine business in Australia since 2000. I started as a writer, but I’ve also worked as a magazine editor and publisher, working on titles including Street Machine, Street Commodores and many more during my time with Express Publications in Sydney, NSW. At the time of writing, I’ve contributed written and photographic content to more than 50 different magazine titles in Australia and overseas.

During those early years as a writer I had the opportunity to take my interest in photography and apply it to photographing car events, technical stories and other related things. I’d started with a 35mm film SLR that I bought in 2000 before picking up the office DSLRs. By the time I decided to go freelance in 2010, I figured it was time to put my money where my mouth was and start shooting cars. I knew I was going to need another income stream than just writing to keep the mortgage paid!

I went on to develop a style that won me membership in the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, winning numerous Silver awards and placing as a finalist in their annual state and national competitions and contributing photos to magazines and businesses around the world.

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Through my experience as editor of magazines like Street Commodores and contributions to non-automotive titles like Australian Home Tech, Premier Guitar, PGA Australia Magazine, theAUReview.com.au and others, I landed the role of editor for the iPad-native photography magazine InFocus Australasia: published by CMMA. 

Working in the digital realm saw me add a host of new skills to my palette; many of which I continue to use and offer my clients today. This period also solidified my ability to work remotely with a team: a vital skill in these times of COVID lockdowns.

You can feel confident hiring Hosking Industries for your next project, whether it be photographic in nature, design-based, supplying copy, building your next website or any combination thereof. I’ll go above and beyond to bring your vision to life.

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