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Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-resolution Patina Textures

31 Mar

It’s time for some more absolutely FREE high-resolution textures from Hosking Industries!

This week we’ve brought you a series of six photos of rusted, decrepit automobile panels. You know, rat rod patina, sanded through paintwork, dodgy roof chops and home-modified wheel tubs. All the fun stuff!

As usual, the textures are free for personal and commercial use. Just don’t do redistributing them or passing them off as your own and we’ll all be sweet.

Click the thumbs for the high-res experience:

Plant Tour: A Look Inside Holden's Elizabeth Plant (circa 2006)

25 Mar

I was digging through a bunch of old files looking for stuff for my portfolio when I came across these old pics I took with my mobile phone during a press launch for the launch of the VE back in 2006.

Most of these images were never used anywhere, but they’re interesting for anyone who loves Commodores or wonders what it’s like inside a state-of-the-art vehicle assembly plant. They show quite a bit of detail, including Holden’s then-new rebuilt process line and what at the time was never-before-seen HSV VE front guard treatments.

They also feature the last of the VZ utes to roll through the production line, some wearing VE colours like Ignition. I hope you find them interesting.

There’s about 50 images in total that are free for personal ute only. CLICK HERE to see the entire gallery:

Interview: Owen Webb Feature in Street Machine

24 Mar

The April issue of Street Machine has just hit the news stands with my four-page interview with Australian automotive legend Owen Webb inside. Owen is the country’s top show car judge and I talk with him about his view of the current scene and how our show cars stack up against the rest of the world.

Pick up your copy now!

Street Machine_April-2010

CD Review: Rotting Christ – AEALO – Now at

24 Mar

My review of Greek metal legends Rotting Christ’s new album AEALO is now up online over at

Click the image to visit their site and the review:

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Wood Textures

24 Mar

It’s that time again, folks. We seems to be getting the hang of making sure we have enough like-minded images to provide you with a solid theme each week. This week, the theme is ‘wood’. All six textures are royalty free and are fine for personal and commercial use. Just don’t go redistributing them or passing them off as your own.

Click the thumbs for all the high-res glory!

CD Review: Dillinger Escape Plan – Option Paralysis (on LifeMusicMedia)

23 Mar

I’ve been making steps back into music journalism of late, hooking up with a few street press and music sites doing CD reviews and anything else they want me to do. The first item to be published went online today at

In this instance I reviewed the awesome new disc from Dillinger Escape Plan, titled Option Paralysis. Another goes online on the same site tomorrow by a Greek band called Rotting Christ. So please, check them out and let me know what you think.

Here’s a screen shot of the review. CLICK HERE to read it in full. 

Quick One: Custom Graphic Design

22 Mar

I just designed this little graphic for a job I’m working on at the moment, using methods I’ve learned over the last few days following the tutorials I’ve been showing you.

Photoshop Training: Another Day, Another Fun Tutorial

21 Mar

Another day, another Photoshop tutorial. It took around 30 steps to make this cool little folder icon graphic from The same mob who did the tutorial on the excellent dark button graphic.

Just when I think I’ve learned all I need to know about Photoshop to get by, I learn a bunch more. Keep it coming!

Drift Madness: Tanner Foust Drifts Mullholland Drive!

21 Mar

Ken Block seems to have really started something with his awesome motorkhana videos – not that we’re complaining!

The latest motorsport personality to try his hand at ballsy promo videos is Rockstar Energy Drink’s Tanner Foust. Blocking off the famous Mullholland Drive in Malibu California, Foust drifts his 600hp TRD NASCAR V8-powered Scion drift car along the several kilometres of pristine twisty stuff with apparent ease. It doesn’t look so pristine after Foust gets his tyres on it, though 🙂

Watch and enjoy!

Bye-bye Ford? Analyst Predicts Ford Will Leave Australia

21 Mar

Government advisor John Wormald was quoted on this week as claiming, “As soon as choices have to be made, Ford is the next Mitsubishi.”

Wormald suggests that Ford is ‘throwing money’ at their problems and that it can only be a temporary solution before they’ll have to pull out of Australian manufacturing. With a new Falcon replacement due in around five years, Wormald suggests that Ford would do better to import a cheaper vehicle from one of their other international plants.

In his interview with, he explained, “Ford isn’t short of assembly capacity in other places. Where’s the plan to integrate Australia?”

Ford Australia reportedly has 3000 employees and unlike Holden and Toyota, Ford have no export programs for their locally built cars like the Falcon and Territory – much needed revenue that the Commodore brings in for Holden.

Naturally, Ford claim that they have no intention of leaving the country.