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Free Wallpaper: ESP LTD SC607 Electric Guitar

29 Apr


Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

Another example from a series I shot, mucking around with light painting a few weeks ago. The only light source was a single LED torch. Shot with a Canon 450D and kit lens on a 25sec exposure at about f18 or 20.
Image is free for personal use.

Too Cool: A Rare Look Inside GM's Heritage Centre

29 Apr

The guys at Bangshift scored themselves a real win while attending the Detroit Autorama – a tour of the General Motors Heritage Centre in Sterling Heights, Michigan. This facility houses a breath-taking collection of GM history that is normally closed to the public.

GM’s Heritage Centre opened in the middle of 2004 and brought together a century’s worth of GM vehicles, engines and paraphernalia. Their original press release stated that the centre would ‘help GM employees, scholars, analysts and the media research the company’s past and learn from its rich history as GM moves toward a second century of operation.’

Luckily, one of the Bangshift guys sweet talked their way in and shot more than 300 images, most of which you can see on the BS website HERE.


Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Tree Textures

28 Apr

We’ve got some excellent high-resolution textures for you this week! Made up of six FREE images, our theme this time around is ‘tree’ and the files contain shots of grain, bark, log ends and even a few weird bugs!

As usual, our textures are FREE for both personal and commercial use. However repackaging, redistributing and resale are not permitted. We’d love to see how they’re used. So if you find a use for one or more of them, show us! A link back would also be pure win.

Click the tumb nails for the full-res experience:

Portfolio: Pitt St. Reflection

24 Apr

Pitt St. Reflection

Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

I took this photo on 35mm film during the Sydney Olympic games in 2000. It is a reflection from the sculpture on Pitt Street in the city of the blue and white plastic water-filled barriers that were installed to increase the size of the side walks. I thought it came out really nice.
Image strictly copyright.

Cool Tech: ZF Make Carbon Fibre Suspension Struts for BMW

24 Apr

While carbon fibre has been around for decades now and has been lauded as the super composite, thanks to its strength and light weight – we’re yet to really see its use spread wider than for things like body panels, random interior panels or the accasional racing wheel. This probably has more to do with the cost of manufacturing than anything else.

BMW have long been known – along with Mercedes – for pushing automotive technology into new, exciting territories; and they’ve now teamed up with ZF (the mob famous for their 6-speed gearboxes behind the iconic VN Group A SS) who will be designing and manufacturing carbon fibre front Macpherson struts for small cars. Better, the German company say that there’s no reason why the technology won’t spread into large cars, as well.

This is great news, should the rest of the industry take notice and follow suit.; primarily because as emissions standards continue to become more restrictive, it’s going to be harder for manufacturers to keep up. We reckon one of the easiest ways that OEMs will be able to improve emissions is through the use of light weight matierals, such as aluminium and composites. Certainly, there’s been a lot of talk about it within the industry for years. There just hasn’t been a lot of action.

A side benefit to the use of lighter suspension components is a reduction in unsprung weight, which would provide great improvements in on-road handling – especially for the circuit racers.

Live Review: Behemoth/Job for a Cowboy at The Metro Sydney

22 Apr just uploaded my review of the Behemoth and Job for a Cowboy gig at the Metro Theatre in Sydney on Friday April 16.

Singer/guitarist/ring leader, Nergal somehow manages to be Mr. Charisma and a soulless purveyor of all things evil at the same time. He’s a man possessed, working the crowd like a Pied Piper and creating a mosh that lasts the duration of the set. It’s truly a sight to behold and the sound mix is a devastating 100%.

Behemoth is evidence of Europe’s dark history and their ability to feed on it and create such intense music is awe inspiring. The band is muscular, regimented and disciplined. You can see it in every movement, every facial expression (or lack of)… it’s almost military precision taking musical form. It’s glorious theatre as only the Europeans seem able to pull off convincingly.

CLICK HERE or the image below to read the entire review:

Interview: Ben Talks With Jeff Martin (Tea Party) for

21 Apr

Here’s the full transcribed version of my interview with Jeff Martin (The Tea Party/The Armada) for If you would prefer to listen to it, the entire interview goes for a little over 14 minutes and can be found at the bottom of the page after the text.

Jeff Martin (JM) spent 15 years fronting iconic Canadian rock group The Tea Party before leaving the country to escape the band’s ‘acrimonious’ split. While holed up in Ireland he embarked upon a successful solo career and met percussionist Wayne Sheehy – a chance meeting that later spawned The Armada, with multi-instrumentalist Jay Cortez.

Now an Australian resident, Jeff embarks upon a fresh tour of Australia in May, where he plans to road test some of his new material that will be recorded later this year. Ben Hosking from (LMM) caught up with the enigmatic musical gypsy to chat about his upcoming live Armada CD/DVD set, the tour, potential Tea Party reunions and his friendship with Jimmy Page.

CLICK HERE to read the interview, or click the image below:

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Natural Stone Textures

21 Apr

It’s your favourite day of the week once again! Hump day is now ‘free texture’ day at Hosking Industries and we’ve got some great stone textures for you this time around. In fact, we scored so many great stone textures last time we left the confines of our office that there’s bound to be more coming your way in the future.

We’ve got lichen and moss, sandstone, bedrock and other great stuff in hi-resolution clarity. Use them how you wish. As usual our textures are FREE for personal and commercial use. The only this that is verboten is repackaging and resale. Naughty naughty!

Click the thumbs for the high-res experience:

Band Photography: Chinchen

20 Apr

Chinchen 3

Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

This is a shot from a shoot I did with Newcastle band Chinchen several years ago. It was shot on 35mm transparency film and cross processed to achieve the exaggerated look. This shot was subsequently used on the band’s posters and also on the cover of Newcastle street press, U-turn.
Hosking Industries offers affordable professional band/artist photography in the greater Sydney/Newcastle area. Contact us for a quote:

Portfolio: Venice Beach Sunset

19 Apr

Venice Beach Sunset

Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

Here’s a very cliche image of the life saver’s towers on Venice Beach, CA. Shot in 2006 in late October or early November on a Canon 450D with simple kit zoom lens. Seeing the sun set over the ocean is a beautiful experience. Pity only the West Australians get to see that with any kind of regularity in this country.
Image strictly copyright. NO Commercial use permitted.