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Interview: Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society) for

28 Aug

Zakk Wylde InterviewI interviewed Zakk Wylde of Black Labal Society (BLS) for recently. I spent over 20 minutes talking to the metal guitar legend who played alongside Ozzy Osbourne for more than 20 years, as well as forming his own well-known band BLS and releasing a few excellent solo albums such as the mellow ‘Book of Shadows’. Below is an excerpt from the lengthy interview in which we discussed the new BLS album ‘Order of the Black’, the recording process, his departure from Ozzy’s band, guitar gear and much more. CLICK HERE to read the full interview.

“…Your life has been pretty eventful over the last 12-18 months with the blood clotting and having to go sober as a result of that. Has any of that, along with the departure from Ozzy’s band ended up on the new Black Label Society (BLS) album?

No. We were just laughing because it’s been four years since we did ‘Shot to Hell’ and we were like ‘It’s been four years already!?’ But then again, it’s been 22 years I’ve been with Ozzy and my daughter is 18, my son just turned 17 today and our little guy Hendrix just turned eight. So, like two of my kids are getting ready for college.

It’s just amazing how the time flies by and in the last four years it’s been like my family has been gluing me back together. I had throat surgery and wasn’t even sure if I was going to be able to sing again. Then I had an umbilical hernia and had to get that operated on. I mean, right after these surgeries I’d go right back out on the road again. It’d be like surgery, then tour, then surgery, then tour. Then I got the blood clot thing and then I was right back out on the road. Then the Ozzy thing went down and right after that my father passed away.

People were like ‘Dude, you’ve had a rough year’, and I go ‘Dude, that’s before lunch!’ (laughs) When you’re in Black Label you ask, ‘Are you sure you wanna put this vest on? Because a lot of burden comes with it’. You gotta be hard as nails and you gotta do what you gotta do. You gotta GI/FD – Get it Fuckin’ Done…”

CLICK HERE to read the full interview.


CD Review: Hellyeah – ‘Stampede’ for

26 Aug

Hellyeah Stampede CD have just published my review of Hellyeah‘s new album, ‘Stampede’. The second album from the American band featuring Pantera’s Vinnie Paul and Mudvayne’s Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett; ‘Stampede’ carries on from where their first album left off, further developing their own style and sound. Read the excerpt from the review below and CLICK HERE to read the entire review in full at

“…From the opening riffs of ‘Cowboy Way’, ‘Hell of a Time’ and ‘It’s On!’; ‘Stampede’ is an album full of party anthems about hard drinking, womanising and generally having a good time. ‘Pole Rider’ seems to be an homage to strippers – no doubt a familiar theme for Vinnie Paul, who owns a strip club in Texas…”


Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Swap Meet Textures

25 Aug

The recent All Holden Day in Clarendon, west of Sydney, NSW Australia was fruitful for more than just the 100s of pristine classic Holden vehicles on display. It also afforded us the opportunity to snap a series of interesting shots from the large swap meet that was taking place in conjunction with it.

For this week’s Wicked Wednesday we bring you a series of six high-resolution images from the swap meet, including hose clamps, drill bits, tools, U-bolts and more – all shiny, new and compltely random in formation. Better still, as always, they’re compltely FREE for personal and commercial use. Just don’t go reselling, repackaging or redistributing them for your own commercial gain.

Click the thumbs for the high-res experience:
Swap Meet Textures Swap Meet Textures Swap Meet Textures Swap Meet Textures Swap Meet Textures Swap Meet Textures

155 FREE High-Resolution Textures Available NOW!

19 Aug

We’ve been bringing you high-resolution texture images of all manner of things since the beginning of 2010 – all absolutely FREE. So far we’re up to 155 of the buggers and thought it a good time to let you know that you can access them all easily via the collection on our Flickr page.

Just CLICK HERE or the image below and gain access to all 155 of our high-resolution texture images in various sizes from 75px, right up to 15mb+.

Please remember that while our texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use, we do not permit the resale, repackaging or redistribution of our textures on CD compilations or other grouped digital downloads where our work will go uncredited or credited by someone else.

Hosking Industries Texture Collection

CD Review: How to Destroy Angels EP for

19 Aug

How to Destroy Angels EP have just published my review of How to Destroy Angels’ eponymous debut EP. Their line up – that includes Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor and programmer/producer Atticus Ross – is an amazing listen. Read the excerpt below and CLICK HERE to read the full review at

“…Certainly, that’s not to say that ‘How to Destroy Angels’ isn’t a dynamic and interesting listen – far from it. If anything, its repetition and moderate tempo creates more of a hypnotic experience that sucks you in while your head spins with the imagery tracks like ‘BBB’ and ‘The Believers’ create…” 

CLICK HERE to read the full review.


Automotive Photography: Taking Baby Steps

17 Aug

Darren's VX Commodore Photoshoot

After laying out about $8000+ in new camera gear over the last couple of months, all along with the niew to shooting all manner of things including cars, I took my first steps into shooting feature cars by taking some test shots of my mate’s VX Holden Commodore. These three shots and five others on my Flickr page are the results.

I used two 430EXII and a 580EXII flash with two sitting on the ground and one on a stand, all at full power and controlled by Cactus V4 triggers. I’m pleased with the results and am now looking forward to shooting my first proper feature car for Street Commodores soon.

CLICK HERE to view all eight shots on Flickr.

Darren's VX Commodore Shotoshoot

Darren's VX Commodore Photoshoot

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Old Book Textures

11 Aug

We love the way things age here at Hosking Industries and books are definitely one thing that tend to age really nicely over the years. So, this week we’ve photographed some old books we had around the office so you can make use of their great textures in your design work.

There are six in the collection and all are FREE for personal and commercial use. However, resale, repackaging and redistribution are prohibited. If your site wishes to include any of our taxtures in a collection or compilation, be sure to link back to the original file on flickr and provide proper credit.

Click the thumbs for the high-res experience:
Old Book Textures Old Book Textures Old Book Textures Old Book Textures Old Book Textures Old Book Textures

Creative: Let Us Design Your Next Business Card

04 Aug

Hosking Industries was recently commissioned to design a new business card for Lowe Fabrications. Through the process we performed a little massaging of their existing new logo and worked with the brief the client gave us to create a calling card that properly reflected the company’s image and brand.

If your business is in need of professional design services, Hosking Industries offers quality, speedy design at competitive rates. We can also offer top quality printing services. Contact us today for more information.

Lowe Fabrications Business Card Lowe Fabrications Business Card

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Kitchen Grunge Textures

04 Aug

While doing the dishes recently, it occured to me how cool some of the textures were just lying around the house in places I’d never thought to look at previously – like the kitchen. This week we’ve got a collection of six high-resolution texture images of the grungy grease and rust patterns from some of our baking trays. There’s years of baked on grease here for you to enjoy!

As usual, Hosking Industries high-resolution texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use. However, you may not resell, repackage or redistribute these images in any way.

Click the thumb nails for the high-res experience:
Kitchen Grunge Texture Kitchen Grunge Texture Kitchen Grunge Texture Kitchen Grunge Texture Kitchen Grunge Texture Kitchen Grunge Texture