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Feature Car: Dave Kracht’s 1940 Ford De Luxe

31 Oct

Here’s a selection of six photos from our recent photo shoot on Dave Kracht’s incredible 1940 Ford De Luxe, also known as a Sloper. The car has been in Dave’s family for almost 50 years and you can read all about it’s journey in issue 11 of Heavy Duty Hot Rods magazine in Australia.

We shot the car on a smoky afternoon in Katoomba in the NSW Blue Mountains, where Dave runs a successful motor trimming shop. The car is unusual in that it was an Australian built model with a roof line unique to this country. It’s also powered by a Lexus V8.

While the detail shots use Speedlite flashes, the exterior shots were all done with natural and available light sources. Strobist info is available on related images. Check out the photos on our Flickr page by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below.

Dave Kracht's 1940 Ford Sloper

Dave Kracht's 1940 Ford Sloper     Dave Kracht's 1940 Ford Sloper

Feature Car: Wayne Anthony’s Ford BA Falcon Utility

17 Oct

Featured in the same issue of Custom Utes magazine as our very first cover car, Ditch Jones’ yellow HR Holden, you’ll also find a feature shoot and story by Hosking Industries on Wayne Anthony’s wicked blue Ford BA Falcon ute, known as BAD 8. Powered by a 5.4L BOSS injected V8 and carrying a mother lode of audio and visual gear, Wayne’s ute was always destined for a a spot in a magazine.

We shot the Ford in the parking lot of Wayne’s local Autobarn store where he’s handed more than his fair share of cash and a big thank you goes out to those guys for blocking off access to their car park for a few hours. You can read all about the ute and Wayne’s love of Fords in issue 42 of Custom Utes.

For now, enjoy some FREE desktop wallpaper images of our selection of six shots by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below (don’t worry, it’s just a link to our Flickr page – nothing sinister!). Enjoy!

Wayne Anthony BA Falcon Ute

Wayne Anthony BA Falcon Ute     Wayne Anthony BA Falcon Ute

Interview: Dead and Divine for Hysteria Magazine

14 Oct

Dead and DivineWe recently had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Tobin, vocalist of Canada’s Dead and Divine for Australian Hysteria magazine. The interview was published in issue 6 of the mag’ which went on sale this month. If you haven’t picked up a copy before, we really recommend it. It’s literally packed to the brim with interviews, reviews and news on many various heavy music sub-genres with something for everyone. Anyway, here’s the feature as it appears in the magazine:

They say that with age comes a greater sense of perspective and often more confidence in one’s own abilities. Basically, you become more comfortable in yourself and what you’re about. Clearly this must be true of the guys in Canada’s Dead and Divine: a band often lumped in with the crowded ‘metalcore’ scene and the narrow field of view its fans can sometimes display.

On their third full-length release – Antimacy – the Canadian quintet find themselves introducing more layers to their trademark sound. While this type of artistic growth and maturity can often be seen as a negative by fans, it’s something founder member and vocalist Matt Tobin is pretty chuffed about. “This time around we were like, ‘let’s try something new and let’s do what we were afraid to do with the last record’,” Tobin says. “At that point we didn’t care anymore and just wanted to make a record that we all loved. If we ended up with a part that sounded like something we normally wouldn’t do, we did it anyway if we liked how it sounded.”

With the group’s previous outings staying pretty true to formula, including 2008’s debut The Fanciful and 2009’s The Machines We Are, there are more obvious hints of primary song writers Matt and Chris LeMasters’ (guitar) childhood influences poking through into the 11 tracks that comprise Antimacy. “A lot of us grew up in the ‘90s, so that’s what we were raised on,” Tobin says. “I grew up on the Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, silverchair – they were and still are one of my favourite bands – the deftones… they were some of the biggest influences on me. A lot of grunge, too.”

Photo Gallery: Blind Guardian @ Metro Theatre, Sydney – 30.09.11

14 Oct

We had the pleasure of shooting Germany’s iconic power metal band Blind Guardian at the Metro Theatre in Sydney, Australia at the end of September. They were supported by Australia’s premier exponent of the style, Black Majesty who also got a rousing response from the full house.

Hosking Industries were shooting for and we can now bring you the gallery direct, with the images also now hosted on our Flickr page in a slightly higher resolution. Sadly we arrived too late to catch opening act EYEFEAR, but you’ll find a good gallery of images from both Black Majesty and Blind Guardian by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below. You can view the image gallery at theAUreview by CLICKING HERE.

Blind Guardian @ Metro Theatre Blind Guardian @ Metro Theatre
Blind Guardian @ Metro Theatre Blind Guardian @ Metro Theatre


Feature Car: Ditch Jones’ HR Holden Utility

12 Oct

The publication of our photo shoot and feature story on Ditch Jones’ incredible Holden HR utility marks our first front cover, which makes us a little happy in the pants to be brutally honest. This selection of six images from the full shoot is just a sample of what you can expect to see in issue 42 of Custom Utes magazine, on sale right now!

Included in the set is a driving shot, the first ever published of this Summernats Top 10 show car. For some odd reason the magazine didn’t run any of the driving shots we supplied despite the story talking about it. Oh well, can’t win ’em all. Ditch’s HR has spent the last 12 months in the ‘shop having numerous modifications undertaken to the suspension and driveline that now allow the HR to be used for light cruising and you can read all about Ditch’s 20-year history with the car in the magazine.

Be sure to grab yourself FREE desktop wallpaper versions of the images by CLICKING HERE or clicking on the thumbnails below.

Ditch Jones' HR Holden Ute

Ditch Jones' HR Holden Ute     Ditch Jones' HR Holden Ute

Feature Car: Steven Lacey’s Holden LX Torana Circuit Racer

10 Oct

We shot Steven Lacey’s awesome Holden LX Torana circuit race car a while back at Sydney’s Eastern Creek Raceway for Xtreme Holdens magazine. The feature spread, with story also written by Hosking Industries, has finally come out in print and we’ve got a selection of images from the shoot here for you today. Start drooling!

The white hatch back runs a 365ci stroker V8 based on a VT Commodore block that makes 480fwhp through a Tremec ‘box and 9in rear end. Steven and the car have been very competitive in the 20 years they’ve been together and you can read all about it in issue 39 of Xtreme Holdens, on sale very shortly.

If you’re into the strobist stuff, check the captions on each image for details on how we lit the car and be sure to download the FREE desktop wallpaper versions of the images, too! Just CLICK HERE to view the entire gallery or click the thumbnails below.

Steven Lacey's Holden LX Torana

Steven Lacey's Holden LX Torana      Steven Lacey's Holden LX Torana

1990s Revival: Spineshank – Strictly Diesel (c1998)

09 Oct

New band Spineshank are proteges of one Mr Dino Cazares (Fear Factory). They play a style that melds most of the popular, current heavy styles into one convenient package.Their sound reminds me a lot of Sepultura in terms of phrasing  and also their general guitar/bass sound. The way they enter their choruses also reminds me of the Seps boys.

From track one until track 14, this band show as much diversity as  a band who have had much more time to grow and mature as artists much older. Yet, these guys look no older than me (about 21), not to mention the live reviews these fellows have been receiving with have been very positive to say the least. If recommendations mean anything to you, then one from Feature Factory and Coal Chamber much have some credibility! Dino from FF and Dez from Coal Chamber both lay claim to supporting these lads and when you listen to this disc, you see why. Roadrunner would be proud of this signing.

Overall, the sound is modern and phat, thick and pounding. There are attempts at industrial crossover in terms of a few rhythm loops here and there, but it isn’t really convincing. I’d be surprised if they used them live – let’s say that. All you hard music fans out there have probably heard of this by now, but if you haven’t heard Strictly Diesel yet, get your arse down to your local and get it before you miss out. It’s hot stuff.


1990s Revival: Avail – Over the James (c1998)

03 Oct

For all who saw Richmond, Virginia’s Avail play with Lagwagon earlier this year, you’ll know they can rock the house down. And now, here is their new album: much heavier than their last effort but still in keeping with the great vocal harmonies and melodies that filled the last disc.

14 phenomenal tracks are what’s on offer here and it has become obvious that the metal head drummer has had his evil way with the rest of the band, as their style has just gone through the roof as far as heaviness is concerned. But don’t get me wrong, this is a very good thing. No-one will be disappointed with this CD at all; there is just nothing bad to comment on and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of guys.

From the song names, lyrics and the interview I did with the guys before, the issues put forward are all local to them and you can tell this by the amount of emotion put into each performance. It just shows really well that if you write about something that directly affects you, it will sound that much more natural and powerful. It worked for these guys tenfold.

I’m sure any one of the 380 people at the Pitt on January 9 will either have already bought Over the James or are going to buy it, aren’t you!? No really, this album is the perfect example of how to write and record the perfect CD. Congratulations guys.