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We Made a Book! Automotive Photography: The Story So Far…

20 Nov

Hey everyone, just a quick note to show you a preview of our first photo book, self-published through We really only created and printed a few copies to satisfy ourselves and have a record of the first 12 months of feature car work on our bookshelves; but thought that perhaps, by some stroke of miracle some folks at home might like to own a copy as well. So, we’ve made the book available for purchase via the Blurb website.

Given the fact we ticked all the premium options to make the book look and feel its best, it isn’t a cheap tome, weighing in at almost AUS$200 posted to your door, the 160-page book will probably only interest the owners of the 39 cars featured. But having a sneak peak won’t cost you anything!

Here’s the preview, giving you a look at around 30 pages of the book. We have shot almost 100 cars and bikes in the 12 months since Hosking Industries began doing this line of work, but selected 39 of our favourites. We hope you enjoy the preview and if you’re interested in purchasing this hard cover, bound book, there’s a button for that on the preview, too!

Feature Car: Simon Reid’s Holden LX SS Torana ‘LXKOOP’

11 Nov

Here’s a selection of seven images from our photo shoot on Simon Reid’s sweet 1976 Holden LX SS Torana hatch, as featured in issue 40 of Xtreme Holdens magazine in Australia – on-sale now. Simon’s Torana is powered by a Commodore V6 that has been modified to run twin throttle bodies. He’s owned the LX for 12 years and you can read all about their story in the magazine.

For all strobist and light painting fans out there, image information is available on each image caption. You can download FREE desktop wallpaper versions of all seven images by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below which will take you to our Flickr page.

Simon Reid's Holden LX Torana 'LXKOOP'

Simon Reid's Holden LX Torana 'LXKOOP'     Simon Reid's Holden LX Torana 'LXKOOP'

Feature Car: Ben Sacilotto’s 1964 EH Holden ‘CLASIK’

08 Nov

A selection of six photos of Ben Sacilotto’s beautiful 1964 EH Holden sedan. We shot his EH for Xtreme Holdens magazine late in 2010 and the feature – also written by Hosking Industries – has just been published in issue 40 of the magazine, ON-SALE NOW.

Ben’s EH runs a nice 350ci SBC up front, totally detailed to match the rest of the car. It debuted at Summernats 2002 with a Top 60 spot and has since found a second life as a cruiser in its home of South Sydney, Australia. You can read all about the car in the latest issue of Xtreme Holdens and you can download six FREE desktop wallpapers of the car for your computer by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below.

If you’re into the strobist thing, each image is completed with a caption on our Flickr page outlining the lighting details.

Ben Sacilotto's EH Holden 'CLASIK'

Ben Sacilotto's EH Holden 'CLASIK'     Ben Sacilotto's EH Holden 'CLASIK'

Feature Car: Leo Leonidas’ HDT VN Lexcen ‘RARE’

02 Nov

Upon first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking this was an HDT Aero based on the usual Holden VN Commodore. However, you’d be wrong. This is Leo Leonidas’ HDT Aero, based upon a Toyota Lexcen and running a V6 instead of the usual injected 5L V8.

Young Leo found this car sitting at a wrecking yard, dumped by the original and sole owner after doing around 300,000kms. As it turned out, the car was a totally legit specimen – one of only four ever built for a Toyota dealership in the 1990s. You can read all about the incredible story of the car and Leo’s almost single-handed restoration in issue 189 of Street Commodores, on sale this week.

This shoot was actually our first ever commissioned car photo shoot, performed in 2010. We’re pretty proud of how it came out, considering we’d only done one short test shoot with the flash gear a few days prior. We hope you like what you see and remember that you can download FREE desktop wallpaper versions of the six images from our Flickr page by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbs below.

Leo Leonidas' HDT Aero Lexcen

Leo Leonidas' HDT Aero Lexcen     Leo Leonidas' HDT Aero Lexcen