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Feature Car: Scott Thomas’ 1932 Ford Tudor Hot Rod

26 Apr

Issue 14 of Heavy Duty Hot Rods is just about to hit the stands and contains two photos shoots from Hosking Industries, including this one on Scott Thomas’ wicked 1932 Ford Tudor, pictured below. Scott bought the car sight unseen from the USA a couple of years ago, but luckily for him, the car arrived as described!

The ’32 Ford is powered by a classic 350ci/T350 combo and is dripping with 1990’s stylistic appointments like the scalloped two-tone paint and grey tweed trim. Despite its age, it’s in immaculate condition and you can read all about Scott and the Tudor in issue 14 of the magazine, on sale soon.

For strobist fans, you’ll find all our lighting information on our Flickr page, as well as EXIF data. CLICK HERE to view and download six FREE desktop wallpaper images of the car or click on the thumbnails below.

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Scott Thomas' 1932 Ford Tudor

Scott Thomas' 1932 Ford Tudor     Scott Thomas' 1932 Ford Tudor

Live Gallery: Lostprophets + Kids in Glass Houses + Versaemerge @ Metro Theatre

24 Apr

The annual Soundwave Festival brought a ton of great international bands to Sydney through February and March of 2012 and if the festival itself wasn’t enough to get you smiling, there was also a full week’s worth of official ‘Sidewave’ gigs where the various bands would team up and put on additional shows in smaller venues. One such Sidewave was headlined by Lostprophets at Sydney’s Metro Theatre on February 28, 2012.

We shot this gig for Australian Hysteria magazine and the band were supported by Kids in Glass Houses from Wales and American band Versaemerge. We weren’t asked to review this gig, suffice it to say that all three bands put on a great show with plenty of energetic performances by each and having watched the previous night’s show with Angels & Airwaves at the UNSW Roundhouse, it was nice to see three bands with singers who could sing.

Anyway, check out 32 images from the gig by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below and enjoy!

Lostprophets @ Metro Theatre     Lostprophets @ Metro Theatre

Lostprophets @ Metro Theatre     Lostprophets @ Metro Theatre

Feature Car: Sacilotto Family’s Holden EH Utility ‘CLASIC’

23 Apr

Here’s one from the archives… We originally shot the Sacilotto’s incredible EH ute, known as CLASIC, way back in the tail end of 2010. It finally sees the light of day in the upcoming Brute Utes magazine, issue 47, together with the story we wrote on the car. Drenched in custom mauve metallic paint and powered by an L67 factory supercharged V6 and 4L60E gearbox, it’s a refreshing combination of styles and parts that originally landed the car in the prestigious Top 10 at Summernats 21.

No matter where you look, this car oozes attention to detail and you can read all about it when issue 47 of Brute Utes goes on sale very soon. For now, sit back and enjoy some samples from our photo shoot, with all images available as FREE desktop wallpapers in 1680 resolution. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to grab them for yourself and also to check out our lighting information and EXIF data, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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Sacilotto Family's 1964 EH Holden Ute

Sacilotto Family's 1964 EH Holden Ute     Sacilotto Family's 1964 EH Holden Ute

Feature Bike: Mark Rogers’ Custom Harley Chopper

16 Apr

Issue 14 of Wild Aussie Choppers has just hit the news stands and contains one of our photo shoots. Mark Rogers’ wicked 127ci Ultima-powered custom chopper is as brawny as it is is brightly coloured and beautiful and was an easy choice for a feature spot in the magazine. Be sure to pick up and copy and read all about it! It’s on sale now and even comes with a free poster book of previous feature bikes including a couple of our photo shoots.

You’ll find lighting information and EXIF data on how we shot the bike on each image’s information when you CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below which will take you to our Flickr page, although the bright full-sun shots were shot using natural light and a reflector. As always, you can download each of the six images FREE to use as desktop wallpapers. Enjoy.

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Mark Rogers' Custom Harley Chopper

Mark Rogers' Custom Harley Chopper     Mark Rogers' Custom Harley Chopper

Live Photos: Angels & Airwaves + Madina Lake + Framing Hanley @ UNSW Roundhouse

11 Apr

Issue 9 of Australian Hysteria magazine has just gone on sale here in Australia, including our live review and photos from the recent Angels & Airwaves gig at the UNSW Roundhouse in Sydney on Monday February 27, 2012. This was one of the many ‘Sidewaves’ that took place around Sydney in the wake of the Soundwave Festival and the band were supported by America’s Madina Lake and Framing Hanley.

Review excerpt:
“As lovely as songs like ‘Saturday Love’, Everything’s Magic’ and ‘Call to Arms’ are, there’s just no escaping the fact that they’d be a far greater force with a real singer at the mic’.”

“Closing a 14 song strong set with the epic ‘The War’, Angels & Airwaves left the stage and the sweaty, wasted crowd in the their wake with high fives all round for a job well done. It’s nice to know there’s life beyond Blink 182 and penis jokes. Maybe.”

CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to view 39 images from the gig. Enjoy!

Angels & Airwaves Live Gallery     Angels & Airwaves Live Gallery

Angels & Airwaves Live Gallery     Angels & Airwaves Live Gallery

Feature Car: Steven Page’s Turbo Mitsubishi Mirage

10 Apr

Check out the results of our first photo shoot for Hot4s magazine: Steven Page’s awesome turbocharged Mitsubishi Mirage, known as EVOLVN. The blue beast will feature in issue 220 of the magazine, due on sale soon. Hailing from out west, we had Steven meet us in Newcastle for the shoot, taking place on Carrington island amongst all the wonderful old industrial stuff there.

Steve’s Mirage has been seriously hopped up with a turbo setup and improved internals, but it’s perhaps the aesthetics of the Mitsu that sets it apart from just about any other on the road today. Just check out the metal flake blue paint, big billet rims and those outrageous Lambo doors. inside it’s a similar story with blinding white trim accompanying a huge stereo system. be sure to pick up a copy of issue 220 Hot4s when it goes on sale soon.

As always, we’ve included six FREE desktop wallpaper-sized images for you to view and download and strobist fans are treated to all the lighting setup information, as well as our EXIF data by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below.

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Steven Page's Turbo Mitsubishi Mirage

Steven Page's Turbo Mitsubishi Mirage     Steven Page's Turbo Mitsubishi Mirage

Feature Car: Daniel Poore’s Holden VL Calais VLOCTY

03 Apr

It’s been a while since we had a feature shoot in Street Commodores, but our shoot on Daniel Poore’s awesome Holden VL Calais turbo is finally coming out in issue 195 of the magazine, on-sale shortly. Hosking Industries wrote the feature, too, and we’d love you all to pick up a copy when it goes on sale.

Daniel’s VL, known as VLOCTY, has been through a pretty arduous gestation with engine dramas; but it’s come a long way from its beginnings as a fairly messy old daily. It’s now powered by a big horsepowerRB26/30 turbo hybrid engine that looks as good as it goes. Inside, Eastside Kustoms in Newcastle did an amazing job transforming the interior with black suede.

As always, we’ve got a series of images available as FREE desktop wallpapers and the strobist fans can check out the lighting setups on our Flickr page too. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to make the jump.

Daniel Poore's Holden VL Calais 'VLOCTY'

Daniel Poore's Holden VL Calais 'VLOCTY'     Daniel Poore's Holden VL Calais 'VLOCTY'