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Feature Car: Mick Molloy’s Holden HQ Tonner

24 May

Hey! We just realised we hit the 300 post mark with our last feature car update! Hooray for us.

Anyway, Custom Utes issue 45 is due to hit the stands soon and contains a tonne of Hosking Industries feature car photography, feature stories and coverage of the 2011 Taren Point Rat Day. One of the feature cars inside is Mick Molloy’s sweet 1973 Holden HQ ‘tonner’, pictured here.

Powered by a hard-revving 327ci small-block Chev’ V8, the bright orange ute has been a collaborative effort between Mick and some of his employees, with the end goal to drag race the Holden and destroy tyres at the annual Summernats festival in Canberra. You can read all about the caged machine in issue 45 of Custom Utes, on sale soon.

While this was an outdoor shoot in full sun-to-light cloud, we still made use of our Canon Speedlite flashes and strobist fans will find lighting information on our Flickr page, as well as the usual EXIF data. CLICK HERE to view and download six FREE desktop wallpaper images!

Mick Molloy's 1973 Holden HQ Tonner

Mick Molloy's 1973 Holden HQ Tonner     Mick Molloy's 1973 Holden HQ Tonner

Feature Bike: Evolution’s 1940 WL Harley Davidson

11 May

We’re proud to bring you a selection of six images from one of our favourite photo shoots of 2012 so far: Evolution‘s 1940 WL Harley Davidson, as featured in the upcoming issue 15 of Australia’s Best Choppers (formerly Wild Aussie Choppers). It was actually our first shoot of 2012 and despite feeling we may have been a little rusty after more than a month on hiatus, we were pleased with the results and glad of proprietor Paul McKinnon’s patience in letting us experiment a little.

Paul’s 1940 WL Harley Davidson-powered retro bobber has been receiving a lot of media attention since he finished it last year, thanks surely to some of the custom touches lavished on it, like the Evolution-designed billet front end and Subaru supercharger that’s pumping about 6psi into the old Vtwin. You’ll be able to rear all about the bike in issue 15, in sale soon.

The entire shoot was completed using our regular arsenal of Speedlite flashes and strobist fans can find all the lighting info on our Flickr page, as well as EXIF data. Plus, as always, we’ve uploaded each of the six images as FREE desktop wallpaper images, ready to fill your 1680-resolution monitors. Enjoy! Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below.

Buy a print of this bike: CLICK HERE

Evolution's 1940 WL Harley Davidson

Evolution's 1940 WL Harley Davidson     Evolution's 1940 WL Harley Davidson

Feature Car: Grant Eberhart’s 1955 FJ Holden

09 May

Issue 44 of Custom Utes magazine is about to go one sale and includes our feature photo shoot on Grant Eberhart’s incredible, rich metallic purple 1955 FJ ute. Grant owns and operates X-Trim Trimming in Sydney and as such, the cabin in this old Holden is the focal point of the build. However, the FJ is much more than just a classy red leather interior on wheels. From the neatly converted V6 to the 18in Weld alloy rims; it’s a truly classic Holden. You can read all about the car when the magazine goes on sale shortly.

As always, you can download FREE desktop wallpaper versions of the six images we’ve uploaded to our Flickr page and the strobist fans can check out our lighting setup info as well as our EXIF data. While the exterior shots really only used one flash to fill in a little colour, the detail shots will provide more info. CLICK HERE to visit our Flickr page and download the wallpapers or click on the thumbnails below.

Grant Eberhart's 1955 FJ Holden

Grant Eberhart's 1955 FJ Holden     Grant Eberhart's 1955 FJ Holden

Live Photos: Mastodon + Gojira + Kvelertak @ Sydney’s Hi-FI Bar – March 1, 2012

04 May

A series of 40 images from Mastodon‘s gig at Sydney’s Hi-Fi bar at Moore Park on march 1, 2012 – shot for Australian Hysteria magazine. The concert was one of the many Sidewave shows happening as part of the huge Soundwave festival tour that rolled through town at the end of February 2012.

The band were supported by Gojira and Kvelertak. Hosking Industries was lucky enough to shoot some promo shots of Gojira before the gig. You can see the results HERE.

The venue was newly opened and the stage lighting was horribly dark through each of the three band’s sets, which was a shame. There were more shooters in the pit than I’ve ever seen and all were complaining about the darkness. CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to view and download.

Mastodon @ Sydney's Hi-Fi Bar     Mastodon @ Sydney's Hi-Fi Bar

Mastodon @ Sydney's Hi-Fi Bar     Mastodon @ Sydney's Hi-Fi Bar

Road Trip! We’re Heading North and You’re Invited

03 May

Hosking Industries is heading north in a couple of weeks to shoot cars and bikes for a number of national publications and that means we’re on the hunt for some of Australia’s best modified rods and choppers. We’ll be visiting NSW’s Central Coast, Newcastle and Taree. So if you think your machine has what it takes, drop us a line and let us see what you’ve got! CLICK HERE to contact us!

We have six shoots to book so far, but we can always fit more in. With over 20 different national and international magazines to supply, we’re looking for almost anything with wheels and yours could be immortalised in print. Just check out a few of the gorgeous machines we’ve been able to put into magazines previously…

Steven Page's Turbo Mitsubishi Mirage

Tony and Joseph Scro's 1928 Model-A Ford

Alf's Custom Harley Davidson Chopper

Danny's Custom Harley Trike


Feature Car: Scott and Gary Bamford’s Ford Hot Rods

02 May

We’ve heard of father/son projects before and we’ve even seen some great ones, but this pair of Fords – namely a 1928 roadster and 1932 5-window coupe – take the cake. Owned by Scott and Gary Bamford, these sweet Fords are enough to make anyone salivate just a little. Father Gary started his black roadster way back in the 1980s, but Scott’s build was much shorter and you can read all about the story on these two in the latest issue (14) of Heavy Duty Hot Rods, on-sale now.

Gary’s roadster is powered by an N/A 302ci Windsor V8 and is a very classic affair. Scott’s ’32 coupe is powered by a stonking great blown small-block 327ci GMC small-block making an estimated 600hp; however that’s untested at this stage. Like his dad’s rod, the coupe is built around a totally classic formula and it works, as the pictures prove.

All the exterior shots were done with natural light only, however strobist fans will find lighting information for the detail shots and the portrait on our Flickr page, where you can also download FREE desktop wallpaper versions of the shots for your own enjoyment. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below.

Buy a print of this car: CLICK HERE

Scott and Gary Bamford's Ford Hot Rods

Scott and Gary Bamford's Ford Hot Rods     Scott and Gary Bamford's Ford Hot Rods