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Feature Bike: Davo Voodoo’s Custom Honda Bobber

30 Aug

Issue 18 of Wild Aussie Choppers magazine (aka Australia’s Hottest Bobbers & Customs) is coming out soon and also features a shoot and story we did on Davo Voodoo’s wicked little Honda-powered retro-styled bobber. Davo runs Voodoo Tattoo on NSW’s Central Coast and bought this bike as an unfinished project at the 2011 Taren Point Rat Day, which is also where we first laid eyes on the stainless steel-framed machine.

It’s powered by a 600cc Honda engine and damages kidneys with a rigid frame and distinct lack of suspension in the seating area as well. To ensure everyone realises it’s got a stainless frame, Davo went for an unpainted look on the frame and matched that with a scuffed look on the tank and guard, where Davo nicely finished things off with his first ever automotive paint job. Be sure to read more about the bike in issue 18, when it goes on sale in September.

For now, enjoy six FREE desktop wallpaper images of the bike on our Flickr page by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below. Strobist fans will also find our lighting and EXIF info there. Thanks to the guys at The Chop Shop for letting us shoot in their workshop.

Davo Voodoo's Custom Honda Bobber

Davo Voodoo's Custom Honda Bobber     Davo Voodoo's Custom Honda Bobber

Feature Bike: Adam Pietras’ 2005 Custom Chopper

28 Aug

Issue 18 of Australia’s Hottest Bobbers & Customs (aka Wild Aussie Choppers) is in our hot little hands and includes two feature shoots by Hosking Industries, including this one, of Adam Pietras’ custom 2005 rigid Harley Davidson chopper. Be sure to grab a copy when it goes on sale this September.

Heavily raked, stretched and covered in candy paint and evil clown murals, Adam’s chopper is powered by a modified Evolution vee-twin engine that sounds like Hell is coming to breakfast through its ‘Ground Pounder’ exhaust pipes. Adam says he built the bike largely himself and it features numerous tributes to his late patriarchs, like special engraved DOB and RIP dates, an old Zippo lighter and other meaningful trinkets to keep him company on long cruises. It’s a rigid framed machine with next to no seat padding that must be a kidney killer on anything but baby-ass smooth roads.

As always, we’ve got a stack of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to view and download on our Flickr page, as well as the usual lighting and EXIF data for the camera fans. Just CLICK HERE or on this thumbnails below to head over.

Adam Pietras' Custom Rigid Chopper

Adam Pietras' Custom Rigid Chopper     Adam Pietras' Custom Rigid Chopper

Feature Bike: Custom Von Dutch Chopper

22 Aug

Issue 17 of Australia’s Wildest Custom Choppers (aka Wild Aussie Choppers) magazine is on sale now (including a FREE back issue and posterbook!) and features our photo shoot on Mr. X’s custom Von Dutch chopper, pictured below. It’s a crazy machine that’s powered by an angry 103ci Screamin’ Eagle twin and boasts more billet and chrome than most.

We shot the bike and a local Sydney workshop amongst a tonne of other nice bikes in various states of build using our usual three strobe setups, which you can learn more about by visiting our Flickr page. You’ll also find a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images over there! CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to hit it.

Custom Von Dutch Chopper

Custom Von Dutch Chopper     Custom Von Dutch Chopper

NEW Products: 12-month Holden Calendar!

17 Aug

12-Month Holden Calendar

We meant to do it last year but things got hectic and we promised we’d do it this year… what are we talking about? Oh, the title of the post probably gave it away: yes, Hosking Industries is now offering quality 12-month calendars!

First cab off the rank is our tough, modified Holden calendar. Featuring 12 of our favourite feature cars, this 12-month calendar is just the thing for Holden fans of all colours. Better still, you can order yours to start at whatever month you like, so it f you would like your calendar to start next month, no problem, just select it when you place your order. Want it to start nice and fresh in January 2013, too easy! There’s also room on each date to write important stuff like birthdays or events and the satin finish means any pen or pencil will work.

Produced by third-party on-demand print company Redbubble, these calendars are printed on quality 200gsm satin paper with a tough cover and are hung using wire binding and metal hanger, meaning they’ll easily last the year without falling apart and look good for the duration, too. Best yet, Redbubble work fast, so you’ll have your calendar shipped out to you in no time flat and nicely packaged so it won’t get damaged by those Aus Post thugs.

CLICK HERE to check out our 12-month Holden calendar.

Feature Car: David Chami’s LS1 LH Holden Torana

16 Aug

Issue 47 of Xtreme Holdens is due out soon and contains our photo shoot and feature story on David Chami’s cool self-built LH Holden Torana. Powered by a late-model LS1 alloy V8, this unassuming beast mixes classic Holden appeal with modern Holden power.

In a potentially perilous turn of events, Dave actually bought the car on the internet, sight unseen. Luckily for him, everything turned out OK and the car still wears that same coat of paint today. While the trim is original, everything under the car has been changed and you can read all about it in issue 47 of Xtreme Holdens.

As always, we’ve got a raft of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to view and download on our Flickr page. Strobist fans and camera buffs will also find our lighting info and EXIF data there, however the exterior shots were primarily shot using natural available light. CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to view.

David Chami's LH Holden Torana

David Chami's LH Holden Torana     David Chami's LH Holden Torana

Graphic Design: Furious Performance Business Card

13 Aug

Furious Performance Business Card     Furious Performance Business Card

Hosking Industries doesn’t just specialise in taking photos and writing stories; we also offer professional and creative graphic design services. Here is an example of our latest work, a business card for Sydney performance automotive retailer Furious Performance, who are based in Brookvale, NSW. Check out their website HERE.

A business card design created for Sydney company Furious performance.

For an obligation-free quote on graphic design work for your business, contact us today!

Check out our other design stuff: CLICK HERE

We offer quality, creative design work at competitive rates; so if you’re looking for something beyond the typical, contact us today for an obligation-free quote.

Feature Car: Greg Pennell’s XL Ford Falcon

13 Aug

Issue 17 of Heavy Duty Hot Rods magazine (aka Wild Custom Hot Rods) is due out soon and contains our photo shoot and feature story on Greg Pennell’s awesome XL Ford Falcon kustom sedan, pictured here. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve also photographed his custom chopper – SEE IT HERE.

Built on the cheap for trouble-free cruising with the family, this XL features a tonne of excellent paint effects all performed by Greg, who now runs his own custom shop on the Central Coast of NSW. It’s powered by the original 250ci straight six and 3-speed auto, but just about everything else has been modified. Be sure to get the full story when the magazine goes on sale.
Buy a print of this car: CLICK HERE

Oh, and if you’re wondering why Greg and his family are cozying up on a picnic blanket in a tunnel… we had a nice plan to shoot in a grassy park, but the dismally wet summer we had saw our shoot day compromised by torrential rain. Still looks cool though, right?

As always. we’ve got some great desktop wallpaper images of the car for you totally FREE and photogs can get the low down on our lighting setup and EXIF data on our Flickr page, too. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below.

Greg Pennell's XL Ford Falcon

Greg Pennell's XL Ford Falcon     Greg Pennell's XL Ford Falcon

Feature Bike: Joe Di Palma’s Big Bear Chopper

10 Aug

Issue 17 of Wild Aussie Choppers (AKA World’s Wildest Custom Choppers) is due out real soon and contains two feature bikes shot and written by Hosking Industries, including this awesome Big Bear, owned by Sydneysider Joe Di Palma. We shot it in an incredible abandoned factory in inner Sydney; but that’s a whole other story!

Powered by a 100ci S&S twin, the candy red chopper also features a Baker 6-speed ‘box, Devil’s Candy chrome rims and a 300-wide rear tyre. After a long history of building classic Australian muscle cars, this is Joe’s first bike and the results are excellent. Be sure to read all about it when the magazine comes out.

Buy a print of this bike: CLICK HERE

As always, we’ve got six FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to download and enjoy, in 1680-resolution. Strobist fans will also find our lighting information and EXIF data on our Flickr page. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to view and download them all.

Joe Di Palma's Big Bear Chopper

Joe Di Palma's Big Bear Chopper     Joe Di Palma's Big Bear Chopper

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Res Swap Meet Textures

08 Aug

Our Wicked Wednesdays texture-fests might not be as regular as they once were, but we haven’t forgotten about all out wonderful folks out there that are constantly seeking out new textures and stock images. This week we’ve got a set of six FREE high resolution texture images takes from a local swap meet in Sydney recently. They include objects like brass fittings, paint brushes, hacksaw blades, old Australian coins and caps from mag wheels.

As with all our high-resolution textures, they’re free to use in personal or commercial projects, but MUST NOT be resold or redistributed in any manner without a link back to their original Flickr links here and not sold for commercial gain. Basically, we make no commercial gain from these textures and neither should anyone else… Enjoy and respect.

CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to download the high-resolution files.

Swap Meet Textures Swap Meet Textures Swap Meet Textures Swap Meet Textures Swap Meet Textures Swap Meet Textures

2011: Australia’s Year in Music – We’re Included!

08 Aug

For the second year running, one of our images from the previous year’s concert shooting in and around Sydney for the AU Review has been included in their annual Australia’s Year in Music book. Last year we had a few images appear, but this year just one made it, with a shot of Suicide Silence on stage at the Bald Faced Stag Hotel in Leichardt, NSW on September 10, 2011.

I remember the gig vividly: they were originally meant to be playing the Roundhouse, but the gig got moved at the last minute to this tiny sweat box on Parramatta Rd. The night outside was freezing, but step a few feet inside the front door and you were dripping with perspiration. The show was all-ages and the room was full to the brim with angsty teens and twenty-somethings. I arrived just as the support band was finishing up – hormone-drunk dudes flailing their arms around wildly and moving around in some retarded attempt to form a circle pit, but probably just hoping to hit someone.

Suicide Silence had been here the previous year for the No Sleep Til’ Festival and they put on an excellent show there. It was no different here at the Bald Faced Stag, where as headliners, they owned the show and punished the rabid audience with a set comprising songs from their catalogue at deafening sonic – and subsonic – levels. I think singer Mitch Lucker enjoyed being so close to the crowd: with no mosh barrier, but a high stage level, he could get up close and personal without too much fear of jumpers.

Anyway, CLICK HERE to go check out a digital version of Australia’s Year in Music: 2011.

Australia's year in Music 2011