Live Gallery: Karnivool + Northlane @ Big Top, Sydney – August 4, 2013

13 Aug

Karnivool returned to Sydney this August to promote the release of their new album, ‘Asymmetry’. Hosking Industries was there to shoot and review the gig for and you can find a gallery of images and a full live review below:

Karnivool @ Big Top, Sydney - August 4, 2013     Karnivool @ Big Top, Sydney - August 4, 2013

Karnivool @ Big Top, Sydney - August 4, 2013     Karnivool @ Big Top, Sydney - August 4, 2013

Sydney only recently enjoyed a year-ending gig from Perth’s mighty Karnivool – comfortably selling out the Metro and captivating all in attendance. But, with new album ‘Asymmetry’ fresh on the shelves, we’ve been blessed with another breathtaking performance by the prog-rock/metal wunderkinds and we don’t see anyone complaining.

First up on tonight’s short bill is Sydney five-piece Northlane. Bristling with confidence off the back of the attention their recently released second album, ‘Singularity’, has been enjoying, the band quickly take control of the growing audience with their own brand of metal. With hints of djent and metalcore combining with singer Adrian’s hardcore-style vocal, Northlane waste no time in whipping the crowd into a frenzy – generating rabid enthusiasm from what is a short set.

It’s heartening to see a band as technically accomplished, with music as often dense as Karnivool’s attracting such a wide and enthusiastic fanbase. How often do you see an Aussie hard-rock/metal band – indeed, one with such proggy tendencies – filling a venue the size of the Big Top on a Sunday night… or any night, for that matter. It’s glorious and the audience clearly agree, collectively losing their shit as each band member takes to the stage one after the other in dramatic style.

Confidence is obviously high for Karnivool too, opening tonights extensive set with the twisted audio loops of ‘Asymmetry’ from the new album, leading into ‘A.M. War’. However, the band is more than rewarded for their choice of new material with cheers and collective sing-alongs.

From here, things just keep getting better, with fan favourites like ‘Themata’, ‘Simple Boy’, ‘All I Know’ and ‘New Day’ mingling happily with newer material. To be frank, Karnivool are touring the new album with a crew and production that exceeds what many international bands tour here with these days. The light show and sound quality is superb and both the band and their expansive sonic palette easily fill the Big Top’s vast stage.

Emotive, powerful, urgent, moody and at times serene; Karnivool’s music has the audience captivated for the entirety of their set. The level of musicianship on display is incredible, with guitarists Mark Hosking and Andrew Goddard weaving intricate counter melodies above Jon Stockman’s thick, dextrous bass. Hosking’s apparent finger injury didn’t even seem to affect his performance, or on-stage charisma an iota.

All said, Karnivool continue their tradition of laying waste to Sydney audiences with electric performances. We doubt there’d have been a single frown leaving the venue, except perhaps for the fact that it had to end.

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