Pencil Genius: Narelle Vella Recreates Evolution’s WL Harley in Pencil

19 Aug

A little over a year ago Hosking Industries received a Facebook message from someone asking to use an image we took as the basis for an illustration. Right off the bat we dug the idea, simply because the person had taken the time to actually ask. That person was Narelle Vella and the work she created, based on one of our images of Evolution Custom Ind‘s WL Harley Davidson is outstanding.

We’ve given Narelle the go ahead to draw from any of our images that she likes, so hopefully we’ll have more examples of her great work to show you here in the future. If you’d like work done using your own bike, get in touch with Narelle HERE.

Evolution Custom Ind's WL Harley Davidson

Evolution Custom Ind's WL Harley - by Narelle Vella

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