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Which to Choose: Light Painting, Speedlites or Both?

31 Jan

We shot a beautiful, big-dollar custom Harley Davidson chopper last night and for most of the shoot used a combination of up to six Speedlite flashes to light the bike, along with a long white sheet as a reflector to light up the chrome and polished alloy parts. When it was finally dark enough in the workshop to pull out our trusty LED video light panel and try light painting the bike instead, we were almost at the end of the shoot.

So, with the camera already setup for the last shot, I moved the flashes away and walked around the bike with a 15sec shutter, lighting the bike in two passes: one across the front and another behind. Below you’ll see how different the same shot looks using the two lighting techniques and a third showing the combination of the light painted background, foreground and panels, with the engine and wheels lit by the flashes.

See the bigger version here

Live Gallery: Helmet + Melvins @ HiFi, Sydney – Dec. 15, 2013

30 Jan

Helmet + Melvins @ Sydney HiFi - Dec 15, 2013     Helmet + Melvins @ Sydney HiFi - Dec 15, 2013

Helmet + Melvins @ Sydney HiFi - Dec 15, 2013     Helmet + Melvins @ Sydney HiFi - Dec 15, 2013

Oops! We totally forgot about our image gallery and live review from the Helmet and Melvins show at Sydney’s HiFi on December 15, 2013! being Ben’s favourite band of all time, it’s pretty hard to believe that one slipped under the radar. Originally published via, you can now find the image gallery in a larger resolution by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below and enjoy the review!

We were shocked to see no line up for tonight’s show, just moments before opening time. There were literally 15 people waiting patiently in front of Sydney’s HiFi, with crowds of soccer fans streaming past at from Allianz Stadium wondering what these scruffy metal heads were doing out in public on a Sunday evening. Thankfully though, all this lack of early enthusiasm proved to be was a more mature, clever kind of music fan that clearly hates waiting in lines.

By the time Sydney’s own Nunchukka Superfly were around half way through their crunching set of jam-room super grooves the HiFi was more than half full – as if a couple of busloads of punters had miraculously all arrived at once. Their insistent, explosive riffing got the early crowd moving, with spasmodic, jagged physical contortions on stage reinforcing the powerful movements of the music. Be sure to look for the band’s forthcoming album “Open Your Eyes to Smoke” being launched at Valve on December 21 – their first since 2008.

(more…) Picture of the Day: Robert’s Mazda FD RX7

27 Jan

After receiving a whopping 69,000 image views and over 130 shares on Facebook in just over 24 hours, our image of Robert’s Mazda RX7 was chosen by the website as their Picture of the Day for January 26! is a huge photographic website that brings daily photographic news and reviews, as well as tutorials, videos and more.

Download a FREE wallpaper of this image by CLICKING HERE.

Robert's Mazda FD RX7 on

Cover Shoot: Stefan’s Triumph on Retro Choppers

22 Jan

Retro Chopper - The Classic Collection

Our photo shoot on Stefan’s awesome Triumph bobber turned up on the new Retro Choppers magazine front cover last week. This issue also includes a few of our other photo shoots and you can download FREE desktop wallpapers of each of these crazy custom retro-styled bikes at the links below:

Nathan Moses’ 1950 Harley ShovelStefan Niceski’s 1954 Triumph
Evolution Custom Ind’s 1940 WL Harley

Feature Car: Dennis Legg’s 1964 EH Holden

17 Jan

The latest issue of Holden Heroes magazine went on sale this week, featuring our photo shoot on Dennis Legg’s tough 1964 EH Holden sedan, known as FAT640. You can find it at all good newsagencies now.

This shoot marks the second time we’d used a light painting technique to capture the main exterior shots on a feature car shoot and we’re pretty happy with the results. We’ve now used this technique on subsequent shoots, refining the process each time. So, unfortunately, for the strobist fans, the only shot to use flashes is the engine bay shot, but we’ve included the lighting info on that one for anyone keen.

As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.

Dennis Legg's 1964 EH Holden

Dennis Legg's 1964 EH Holden     Dennis Legg's 1964 EH Holden

InFocus Australasia: Issue 10 Now Live… and FREE!

17 Jan

Issue 10 of InFocus Australasia is out now FREE and includes interviews with movie stills photographer Jasin Boland and travel shooter Cam Cope, tutorials on customising your camera settings, creating composites in Photoshop, understanding white balance and short film maestro Jason Van Genderen talks about shooting video on DSLRs. There’s also plenty of new camera and accessory information as well as this month’s cover story where we look at photo competitions.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a showcase of some of the 2013 Canon AIPP APPA competition winners and give you the chance to win yourself a Wacom tablet valued at $399. What are you waiting for? Download it now!


Issue 10 of InFocus Australasia

Feature Shoots: Issue 21 of Performance Garage Out Now

10 Jan

Issue 21 of Performance Garage is out now and includes two photo shoots by Hosking Industries, as well as two feature stories. In this issue we were lucky enough to capture the incredible machines of Winmalee Car Care and also hang out with Michael Stivala and his boss who love nothing but Fords. We also scribbled up the yarn for the massive Drag Week feature which is their cover story for this month. Be sure to grab your copy!




Grand Champion: The Chop Shop FB Wins at Summernats

06 Jan

The Chop Shop FB Holden

A huge congratulations to the guys at The Chop Shop in Gosford, NSW for taking out top honours at this year’s Summernats with the incredible FB Holden they helped build for owner Henry Parry. Being crowned Grand Champion at Summernats is a massive deal and requires high point scoring in multiple disciplines over the week-long event, including the driving events – proving this is no mere show car.

You can see more of the FB by CLICKING HERE or on the image above.

Quick One: Follow us on Instagram

05 Jan

OK ok, so it took us forever to cave in, but Hosking Industries is now on Instagram. If you use Instagram, add us! We’ll endeavour to upload images we’ve not shared anywhere else, or BTS shots from our upcoming shoots. Basically, exclusive material just for Instagram.