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Cover Car: Dave Andrews on Performance Garage Magazine

28 Oct

Our image of Dave Andrews made the front cover of issue 31 of Performance Garage magazine! That means Dave’s green HB Holden Torana is featured in two magazines on the newsstand at the same time this month. However, whereas the feature in Holden Heroes is all about the HB, the feature in Performance Garage is about Dave’s collection and his shed. Oh, and that image of Ben Ellis from Otomoto us ours, too!

Performance garage magazine - Issue 31

Sneak Peek: Matt Baxter’s Mitsubishi Evolution

23 Oct

Here’s a sneak peek at Matt Baxter’s Mitsubishi Evolution, shot for Fast Fours magazine. All we can say at this point is that it’s making over 400awkW and gets driven daily. Stay tuned for more once it comes out in Fast Fours magazine!


Matt Baxter's Mitsubishi Evolution

Cover Car: Dean Hodge’s Volkswagen Kombi Ute

15 Oct

Our photo shoot on Dean Hodge’s VW Kombi ute made it onto the front cover of the latest issue of VWMA (as an inset). Be sure to pick up a copy when the new issue (issue 44) goes on sale in November.

VW Magazine Australia - Issue 44

Cover Car: Dave Andrews’ HB Holden Torana

14 Oct

Our photo shoot made the front cover of issue 61 of Xtreme Holdens magazine (the green sedan), which goes on sale on October 20, 2014. It’s a touch little machine with loads of Aussie muscle history. We’ll bring you some more images of it once the mag’ goes on sale. But for now, enjoy the cover or BUY A PRINT!

Xtreme Holdens issue 61


Feature Car: Shane Eberhart’s Mazda RX7

09 Oct

Issue 253 of Hot4s magazine is on newsstands right now and includes our photo shoot on Shane Eberhart’s pristine Mazda RX7, pictured here. The car runs a hot 13B turbo making around 500hp and features a gorgeous black leather trim by X Trim. Be sure to read all about it in the magazine.

As always, we’ve got a series of seven FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.

Shane Eberhart's Mazda RX7

Shane Eberhart's Mazda RX7     Shane Eberhart's Mazda RX7

Live Gallery: Devildriver + Whitechapel @ HiFI Sydney – Sept 6, 2014

08 Oct

Devildriver + Whitechapel @ HiFi Sydney - Sept 6, 2014     Devildriver + Whitechapel @ HiFi Sydney - Sept 6, 2014

Devildriver + Whitechapel @ HiFi Sydney - Sept 6, 2014     Devildriver + Whitechapel @ HiFi Sydney - Sept 6, 2014

Oops! We forgot to post out photos and live review of Devildriver‘s headlining gig at the HiFi in Sydney on September 6, 2014. D’oh! Originally published on, you’ll find a full gallery of images by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails above. Enjoy our full review below:

With a line waiting out front that stretched around the corner and up the street, there was no question tonight’s show with US metal bands Whitechapel and Devildriver was going to be a brutal show. White it’s unfortunate that most of those people would miss the opening act due to the HiFi’s super slow entry process (to the extent that the tour manager would have to delay Whitechapel’s start time until everyone was allowed in well past 9pm), Whitechapel and Devildriver no doubt made every single punter in the full room forget about any annoying delays.


Sneak Peek: Luke Stitt’s Toyota Crown Wagon

07 Oct

A little sneak peek at our photo shoot on Luke Stitt’s Toyota Crown Wagon, for Zoom magazine. This thing is detailed to the hilt and we can’t wait to show you more when it come out in print.

CLICK HERE or on the image below to see it bigger.

Luke's Toyota Crown Wagon

Sneak Peek: Custom Harley Davidson Sportster

03 Oct

Here’s a sneak peek at our photo shoot on a cool custom Harley Davidson Sportster from Iron Ride in Granville NSW. It’ll be appearing in an upcoming issue of Heavy Duty magazine. We’ll bring you some more pics, and specs on the bike here once the mag’ comes out.

In the meantime, CLICK HERE or on the image below to get a better look!

Custom Harley Davidson Sportster