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Cover Car: Image Conversions XM Falcon for Street Machine

05 Nov

Stoked to have had the opportunity to photograph the latest balltearer from the Image Conversions workshop for the front cover of the new issue of STREET MACHINE! Be sure to pick up a copy of it on newsstands around the country from today!And a huge congratulations to Aaron for taking out the big gong Street Machine of the Year! Awesome to see an ever-evolving, 100% street driven car win the award. Good voting everyone!

Street Machine - December 2020

2021 Automotive Calendars are GO!

28 Oct

I’ve been very quiet around here of late. For that I apologise, but I suppose it happens when you have your first kid and a global pandemic stops business almost in its tracks! I promise there is some new content coming very soon.

In shinier news, there’s a range of seven (count ’em, 7!) 2021 automotive calendars on sale nationwide now through Universal Media Company that are filled to the brim with photos from my archives! They include Holdens, Fords, Mustangs, Monaros, Toranas, American Muscle and Aussie Muscle and can be found in newsagencies everywhere. Go forth and buy!

2021 Automotive Calendars

Front Cover: Pro Flo Performance Torana for Street Machine

31 Jan

See more of the incredible ProFlo Performance 940ci Holden Torana coupe that I photographed in the new issue of Street Machine, which is on sale now!

Street Machine, February 2020

Learn How to Automotive Light Paint!

16 Jan

Learn how to automotive light paint with one of Australia’s top exponents of the style. Ben Hosking is now offering one-on-one and small-group classes in the greater Newcastle and Sydney regions.

Learn all the necessary tips and techniques you need for creating professional-level automotive light painting images. From the equipment you need to the techniques to creating beautifully-lit scenes and the secrets that make a memorable image.

Each hands-on session will be tailored to where you and I think you need the most help. Or it can be an encompassing course that starts right at the beginning – or anywhere in between. All that will be worked out prior to the lessons, which will be a minimum of two hours, at a time and a location within your general area (where possible). I’ll also try and set the lesson after one of my proper magazine shoots. So you can come along and watch that process as part of the coaching.

I’m also offering more general educational sessions in automotive photography techniques like strobist and even basic camera skills should you feel you need it.

Contact me today HERE if you’re interested in learning how to automotive light paint and we can discuss your specific needs, questions and desired outcomes.

Learn to Automotive Light Paint

Private Photo Shoots!

12 Jan

Did you know that Hosking Industries also offers world-class automotive photo shoots for private clients?

Hosking Industries main-man Ben Hosking has been photographing cars for magazines in Australia and around the world for a decade now and is considered one of the country’s top photographers in the field. Your pride and joy deserves this level of experience and artistry.

Private automotive photo shoots start at just $330 (inc. GST)*. And Ben covers a wide area, including the Newcastle and Hunter Valley, greater Sydney and the mid-north coast of NSW. More regional areas are available on occasion as Ben travels further afield on assignment (keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook page for updates!)

For more information, CLICK HERE.

Private Photo Shoots - Hosking Industries

I’m Celebrating 10 Years!

07 Jan
Hosking Industries 10th Anniversary

Happy Birthday! Hosking Industries 10th Anniversary 2010-2020.

2020 marks Hosking Industries’ 10th Anniversary! Founded on February 1, 2010, the company served as a basis for all my freelance work, which even today – 10 years later – is my sole source of income. From the outset, Hosking Industries offered photography, copy writing, feature writing, graphic design and web design services – along with anything else I thought I could get away with.

Today, I’m still offering these services and now have a separate brand operating in tandem – Ben Hosking Photography – to handle a broader range of photographic subjects, like weddings, family and newborn photography.

Over the last decade, I’ve been lucky enough to photograph well over 500 incredible cars, bikes, trucks and buses. Not to mention some of the most amazing garages and car collections in the country. It also means that I’m nearing my 20th year working in the automotive media sphere, which is both mind-blowing to me and humbling.

I’ve seen the scene change so much in that time. Way back then, magazine budgets and staff levels were very healthy. Newsagency shelves were heavily stocked with a wide array of magazine titles from here and abroad and the future looked bright. Yeah, the internet existed, but no one was really creating content of any value yet. It wasn’t until the GFC in 2008 that everything got a little darker.

I’m so thankful that, despite the added stresses of operating in a field that is continuously shrinking, I’m still able to make a living doing what I love and hopefully, I’ll still be here in another decade photographing the nation’s best vehicles and happy newly weds, designing new logos for businesses and seeing my favourite bands up close.

Thanks to any and all that have supported Hosking Industries over the last 10 years, either by enjoying my photos, buying prints or commissioning me to shoot some images of your happy day or your pride and joy. And of course, a massive thanks to all the editors and business owners out there that continue to seek out my work for their magazines, calendars, posters and marketing. I couldn’t do it without all of you!

Feature Car: Paul Knowles’ Holden VK Commodore

19 Dec

I photographed Paul Knowles’ Holden VK Commodore years ago for Street Commodores when it was blue-over-silver and powered by a hot Holden V8. Several years later and the car has been fully rebuilt thanks to a horror smash.

Now resplendent in full white paint with contrasting black Simmons FR rims, the car looks totally on-trend. The old cream interior has been replaced with an all-black leather and suede affair to match the Simmons and the Warspeed 403ci L98-based stroker. Where most opt for a blower or turbos these days, Paul Knowles’ Holden VK Commodore is all motor, but looks the business with that tunnel ram poking through the bonnet, topped by a pair of 750cfm Holley carbs.

Out back, a braced, sheet-metal 9in houses 35-spline axles and 4.11:1 gears which should cope with any punishment Paul dishes out onto those poor FR20s and Pirelli P-Zero tyres. The car was featured in the November 2019 issue of Street Machine.


As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.

Paul Knowles' Holden VK Commodore
Paul Knowles' Holden VK Commodore
Paul Knowles' Holden VK Commodore

Feature Car: Jamie Galea’s 1970 Ford Falcon

28 Jun

Jamie Galea’s pristine XW Ford Falcon was featured in the June 2019 issue of Street Machine magazine, which was on sale last month. Known as MADXW, the PPG custom purple sedan runs a tough 393ci Clevo and amazingly, was Jamie’s first full-on build. It got unveiled at Summernats.


As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.

Jamie Galea's 1970 Ford Falcon
Jamie Galea's 1970 Ford Falcon
Jamie Galea's 1970 Ford Falcon

Karnivool @ The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle – May 30, 2019

12 Jun
Karnivool @ The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle - May 30, 2019

This reviewer hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing the mighty Karnivool live since 2012 and 2013 on the Asymmetry tour. Both of those gigs were held at Sydney’s Metro and the Big Top respectively – much larger venues than Newcastle’s Cambridge Hotel.


What I would witness tonight would only reinforce would only reinforce an already firmly held belief that the best shows take place in intimate venues. Although, thanks to the Cambridge posting incorrect set times online once again, I’m sure there would have been a few nonplussed punters who either missed opening act Southeast Desert Metal altogether or only caught the last few minutes of their tight, albeit reserved performance (posted start time was 9pm, but the band started at around 8.30 and was finished at 9.15pm). While the band were pretty static on stage, their driving, propulsive mix of hard rock and classic metal sees the half-full room enthusiastic and supportive.

Karnivool @ The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle - May 30, 2019

After about 40mins of set up time, Western Australia’s Karnivool took to the stage in what was to be a more pared back production – more visceral perhaps – than what I’d previously seen the band offer. Most importantly however, is the fact that the band was no less powerful for it. In fact, being up so close, with only the Cambo’s small security pit between Ian Kenny’s Zen-like stage moves and the sweaty sold-out Newcastle crowd, you could argue that the limited lighting and production only added to the intensity.

Karnivool @ The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle - May 30, 2019

Tonight’s set list covers the spectrum of the band’s output thus far, including what I think were a few new or unreleased tracks like ‘Animation’, ‘Reanimation’ and ‘All It Takes’. Crowd response to them is good, but it’s obviously the known and loved tracks from the band’s three albums that get the most response.

Karnivool @ The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle - May 30, 2019

Karnivool are a national treasure. They’re often cited as influences and hit ‘fave band’ lists from notable musos around the world and for good reason: their recorded output is impossible to fault and their live performance – as witnessed here tonight at the Cambridge – is just as strong. With a solid, clear mix, all the guys’ parts are perfectly audible, which is a feat unto itself with the beautiful subtlety that flows beneath all of Karnivool’s music. Add to that the strong, engaging stage presence and you’ve got the ingredients for a perfect night of intense, involving and damned catchy modern progressive metal.


Feature Car: Kevan McConochie’s Manx Buggy

19 Mar

Kevan McConochie’s 2.27L stroker VW-powered Manx buggy is unlike any other you’re likely to see. Slammed, widened, caged and ballsy, the Audi grey tub isn’t about to see any beach time. This is a street buggy.
I photographed it for issue 60 of VW Magazine Australia.


As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.

Kevan McConochie's Manx Buggy
Kevan McConochie's Manx Buggy
Kevan McConochie's Manx Buggy