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The List: All the Bands We’ve Photographed… So Far

28 Feb

Live Music Photography    Live Music Photography

We were thinking that it may not be that easy to figure out what bands we’d photographed in concert via this blog. So, why not compile a list?! We’re up to 110 performances so far and each can be found by simply clicking on the band name (If the name isn’t hyperlinked, it means we haven’t uploaded the gallery yet – but it’s coming!):


Live Gallery: Karnivool + Northlane @ Big Top, Sydney – August 4, 2013

13 Aug

Karnivool returned to Sydney this August to promote the release of their new album, ‘Asymmetry’. Hosking Industries was there to shoot and review the gig for and you can find a gallery of images and a full live review below:

Karnivool @ Big Top, Sydney - August 4, 2013     Karnivool @ Big Top, Sydney - August 4, 2013

Karnivool @ Big Top, Sydney - August 4, 2013     Karnivool @ Big Top, Sydney - August 4, 2013

Sydney only recently enjoyed a year-ending gig from Perth’s mighty Karnivool – comfortably selling out the Metro and captivating all in attendance. But, with new album ‘Asymmetry’ fresh on the shelves, we’ve been blessed with another breathtaking performance by the prog-rock/metal wunderkinds and we don’t see anyone complaining.

First up on tonight’s short bill is Sydney five-piece Northlane. Bristling with confidence off the back of the attention their recently released second album, ‘Singularity’, has been enjoying, the band quickly take control of the growing audience with their own brand of metal. With hints of djent and metalcore combining with singer Adrian’s hardcore-style vocal, Northlane waste no time in whipping the crowd into a frenzy – generating rabid enthusiasm from what is a short set.


Slayer, Anthrax and Kingdom of Sorrow @ Big Top, Luna Park – 25.02.13

14 Mar

Slayer, Anthrax and Kingdome of Sorrow in Sydney     Slayer, Anthrax and Kingdome of Sorrow in Sydney

Slayer, Anthrax and Kingdome of Sorrow in Sydney     Slayer, Anthrax and Kingdome of Sorrow in Sydney

We had the pleasure of photographing and reviewing Slayer‘s concert at Sydney’s Big Top at Luna Park on Monday February 25, 2013. It was their ‘Sidewave’ show, supporting the annual Soundwave festival and the band was joined by Anthrax and Kingdom of Sorrow. We shot and reviewed the gig for Click HERE to check out the gallery, or read the below:

Ahh, the annual Soundwave cavalcade. A time for sunburn, aching legs, aching livers and severe tinnitus. For those with average bank accounts, Soundwave is usually a choice between the main festival and the many and varied accompanying ‘Sidewave’ shows.

For some, the choice to purchase tickets to a Sidewave is more about being able to see their favourite bands in a more intimate environment with a few thousand other die-hards instead of tens of thousands. We’re left in no doubt tonight that many of the punters filling Luna Park’s Bog Top in Sydney fall squarely into the third category: those who feel compelled to spend up and see their favourite band/s in both arenas. Tonight’s Sidewave, starring Slayer, Anthrax and Kingdom of Sorrow is truly an exceptional line up of talent for one intimate venue and it comes as no surprise to find a long line of black-clad dudes stretching out past the big open mouth of the amusement park.

Feature Bike: Stef Niceski’s 1954 Triumph Thunderbird

15 Feb

Sadly issue 21 of Wild Aussie Choppers (aka Custom Choppers) is the last to come out. On the bright side, it contains our feature story and photo shoot on Stef Niceski’s 1954 Triumph Thunderbird, pictured here! Be sure to check it out, on-sale now.

Shot at the very cool 1346 Venice function centre in Waterloo, NSW Australia, Stef’s Trumpy was built over a period of two years “and a million beers”. The basis of the project was a partially disassembled 1954 Thunderbird that Stefan found in an old shed, complete with a tomato plant growing over it. You’d never know it today.

As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy and strobist fans will find our lighting information and EXIF data on each image’s caption, too. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.


Stef Niceski's 1954 Triumph Thunderbird

Stef Niceski's 1954 Triumph Thunderbird     Stef Niceski's 1954 Triumph Thunderbird

Live Review: Nickelback @ Allphones Arena, Sydney (24.11.12)

04 Dec

Our review of Nickelback‘s Sydney concert was originally published at

Nickelback Sydney 2012

Despite the constant barrage of name-calling and derision that this Canadian monster rock band seems to receive from all corners of the globe, this reviewer has always felt that Chad Kroeger and co’s ability to write larger-than-life, catchy hooks can simply not be denied. Additionally, for all the slings and arrows fired in their direction accusing them of being sell-outs, plastic, fake and everything else, you surely have to admit that their catalogue contains some truly fist-pumping moments.

Apparently some 20,000 people agreed with us on November 24 when Nickelback filled the Allphones Arena for the first of two nights. The band’s broad appeal was certainly obvious when you looked at the seemingly disparate throng making their way into the over-sized shed at Sydney’s Olympic Park through several layers of security, bag checks and ushers.

CD Review: Paradise Found – Foundations

06 Nov

Originally published at

Paradise Found - FoundationsHailing from Newcastle, Paradise Found offer the listener a mix of hardcore-influenced vocals with down-tuned riffing that combines equal parts hardcore and circle pit-inducing breakdowns. According to the band’s bio, Paradise Found has been credited with having one of ‘the highest energy live shows in Newcastle to date’, which is a big call; however, as far as the local Newcastle scene goes in recent years, that could be a perfectly believable statement.

‘Foundations’ is the band’s new debut EP and it’s full to the brim with concise, infectious slabs of brutality that remain totally hummable thanks to their strong guitar melodies. From the opening strains of ‘Northern Lights’ to the closing gang vocal of ‘End of the Story’, this EP will have you either shouting the words or humming to the guitars – no question.

With plans for a full-length album in 2013, you can expect big things from this Newcastle quintet. Their unique mix of influences will no doubt continue to see plenty of bruised and bloodied bodies in mosh pits up and down the east coast in the coming years. Keep an eye out.

2011: Australia’s Year in Music – We’re Included!

08 Aug

For the second year running, one of our images from the previous year’s concert shooting in and around Sydney for the AU Review has been included in their annual Australia’s Year in Music book. Last year we had a few images appear, but this year just one made it, with a shot of Suicide Silence on stage at the Bald Faced Stag Hotel in Leichardt, NSW on September 10, 2011.

I remember the gig vividly: they were originally meant to be playing the Roundhouse, but the gig got moved at the last minute to this tiny sweat box on Parramatta Rd. The night outside was freezing, but step a few feet inside the front door and you were dripping with perspiration. The show was all-ages and the room was full to the brim with angsty teens and twenty-somethings. I arrived just as the support band was finishing up – hormone-drunk dudes flailing their arms around wildly and moving around in some retarded attempt to form a circle pit, but probably just hoping to hit someone.

Suicide Silence had been here the previous year for the No Sleep Til’ Festival and they put on an excellent show there. It was no different here at the Bald Faced Stag, where as headliners, they owned the show and punished the rabid audience with a set comprising songs from their catalogue at deafening sonic – and subsonic – levels. I think singer Mitch Lucker enjoyed being so close to the crowd: with no mosh barrier, but a high stage level, he could get up close and personal without too much fear of jumpers.

Anyway, CLICK HERE to go check out a digital version of Australia’s Year in Music: 2011.

Australia's year in Music 2011


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03 Aug

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To ensure we could honestly recommend RedBubble, we recently ordered a selection of their products and they were all of a high standard. Not only that, but the packaging was top notch and the delivery times were fast, too.

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Interview: Dead and Divine for Hysteria Magazine

14 Oct

Dead and DivineWe recently had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Tobin, vocalist of Canada’s Dead and Divine for Australian Hysteria magazine. The interview was published in issue 6 of the mag’ which went on sale this month. If you haven’t picked up a copy before, we really recommend it. It’s literally packed to the brim with interviews, reviews and news on many various heavy music sub-genres with something for everyone. Anyway, here’s the feature as it appears in the magazine:

They say that with age comes a greater sense of perspective and often more confidence in one’s own abilities. Basically, you become more comfortable in yourself and what you’re about. Clearly this must be true of the guys in Canada’s Dead and Divine: a band often lumped in with the crowded ‘metalcore’ scene and the narrow field of view its fans can sometimes display.

On their third full-length release – Antimacy – the Canadian quintet find themselves introducing more layers to their trademark sound. While this type of artistic growth and maturity can often be seen as a negative by fans, it’s something founder member and vocalist Matt Tobin is pretty chuffed about. “This time around we were like, ‘let’s try something new and let’s do what we were afraid to do with the last record’,” Tobin says. “At that point we didn’t care anymore and just wanted to make a record that we all loved. If we ended up with a part that sounded like something we normally wouldn’t do, we did it anyway if we liked how it sounded.”

With the group’s previous outings staying pretty true to formula, including 2008’s debut The Fanciful and 2009’s The Machines We Are, there are more obvious hints of primary song writers Matt and Chris LeMasters’ (guitar) childhood influences poking through into the 11 tracks that comprise Antimacy. “A lot of us grew up in the ‘90s, so that’s what we were raised on,” Tobin says. “I grew up on the Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, silverchair – they were and still are one of my favourite bands – the deftones… they were some of the biggest influences on me. A lot of grunge, too.”

1990s Revival: Avail – Over the James (c1998)

03 Oct

For all who saw Richmond, Virginia’s Avail play with Lagwagon earlier this year, you’ll know they can rock the house down. And now, here is their new album: much heavier than their last effort but still in keeping with the great vocal harmonies and melodies that filled the last disc.

14 phenomenal tracks are what’s on offer here and it has become obvious that the metal head drummer has had his evil way with the rest of the band, as their style has just gone through the roof as far as heaviness is concerned. But don’t get me wrong, this is a very good thing. No-one will be disappointed with this CD at all; there is just nothing bad to comment on and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of guys.

From the song names, lyrics and the interview I did with the guys before, the issues put forward are all local to them and you can tell this by the amount of emotion put into each performance. It just shows really well that if you write about something that directly affects you, it will sound that much more natural and powerful. It worked for these guys tenfold.

I’m sure any one of the 380 people at the Pitt on January 9 will either have already bought Over the James or are going to buy it, aren’t you!? No really, this album is the perfect example of how to write and record the perfect CD. Congratulations guys.