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2018 is coming! Get your calendars now for the New Year!

11 Oct

Our 2018 range of calendars is now on sale! OK, so a range of six might seem like a lot of choice, but it really isn’t. There’s one for the Holden fans, one for the ford nuts, an American classics version, a VW jigger and then one that makes us happy in the pants. Who knows, it might make you happy in the pants, too!

All are priced at AUD$33 plus shipping (and they come safely packaged so there are no bent corners). Simply click on the image of your favourite one below – or click on all of them to see what’s inside) and place your order. It’s that easy. You can also CLICK HERE, if that’s what you’re into.

2018 Ford Calendar 2018 Holden Calendar

2018 Classic American Calendar 2018 Holden Commodore Calendar

2018 Volkswagen Calendar 2018 Hosking Industries Calendar

Available Now: Get Your 2017 Automotive Calendars Here!

27 Sep

We’ve just put the finishing touches on our trio of 2017 automotive calendars and they’re available NOW through our online store! CLICK HERE or on the image below to go check them out. At $33.00 each (plus shipping), they’re competitively priced and full of exclusive Aussie content (plus we’ll really like you if you buy one!).

2017 Automotive Calendars

2016 Desktop Calendar: Norm Corte’s Incredible 1934 Ford Coupe

31 Aug

Grab yourself September 2016’s FREE desktop wallpaper calendar: this month starring Norm Corte’s incredible 1934 Ford 5-window Coupe that we shot for Cruzin magazine.

CLICK HERE or on the image below to download the 1920px version.


2016 Calendar: July’s Star is Chris’ Stroker VK Holden Commodore

27 Jun

It’s time for the July 2016 desktop calendar! Can you believe the year is half over already!? Feels like we just went through Xmas and New Years. Anyway, here’s a shot of Chris’ stroker Holden VK Commodore, as featured in Street Commodores magazine last year. CLICK HERE or on the image to download the full version.

July 2016 Desktop Calendar

Calendar: FREE June 2016 Desktop Wallpaper!

09 Jun

Here’s our horribly belated June 2016 desktop wallpaper to help keep you on the straight and narrow this month! This month’s star car is Joe Murina’s immaculate stroker Ford Falcon, as featured on the front cover of the latest issue of Street Fords.



April 2016 Calendar: FREE PC Desktop C1 Corvette Calendar

28 Mar

Can you believe it’s April already!? Jeebus! Where is the year going? Anyway, here’s our FREE monthly desktop calendar wallpaper for your enjoyment! Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnail below to download the full-res version. This month’s feature car is John Ward’s C1 Corvette, which will be featured in the July issue of Vette magazine in the USA.

John Ward's C1 Corvette

2016 Digital Calendar: FREE Desktop Calendar for February!

28 Jan

Can you believe we’re staring down the barrel of February already!? Didn’t we just celebrate Xmas? Anyway, that means it’s time for our next FREE desktop calendar and this month’s star is Phil Kerjean’s spastic Holden VC (yes, VC) Commodore wagon burnout machine. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD HERE or click the image.


2016 is Coming! Three new calendar designs for the New Year

16 Nov

The new year is fast approaching and if you’re like us, you need a calendar to remind you of what date it is and what the hell you were supposed to be doing! Lucky then, that we’ve got three new calendar designs for the 2016 with all-new feature cars inside.

There’s a Holden-centric calendar, Commodore-themed version and a broad design that we like to call “12 of the Best”, which is a collection of our own favourite automotive images from the last 12 months. Go ahead, take your pick by CLICKING HERE or on the images below.

Not wishing to restrict your calendar-buying experience, you can still purchase calendar designs from years past, too. Simply make sure you select the starting month of your calendar as January 2016 and you’re good to go!

2016 Automotive Calendars

2016 Automotive Calendars

2016 Automotive Calendars