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Live Gallery: Karnivool + Northlane @ Big Top, Sydney – August 4, 2013

13 Aug

Karnivool returned to Sydney this August to promote the release of their new album, ‘Asymmetry’. Hosking Industries was there to shoot and review the gig for and you can find a gallery of images and a full live review below:

Karnivool @ Big Top, Sydney - August 4, 2013     Karnivool @ Big Top, Sydney - August 4, 2013

Karnivool @ Big Top, Sydney - August 4, 2013     Karnivool @ Big Top, Sydney - August 4, 2013

Sydney only recently enjoyed a year-ending gig from Perth’s mighty Karnivool – comfortably selling out the Metro and captivating all in attendance. But, with new album ‘Asymmetry’ fresh on the shelves, we’ve been blessed with another breathtaking performance by the prog-rock/metal wunderkinds and we don’t see anyone complaining.

First up on tonight’s short bill is Sydney five-piece Northlane. Bristling with confidence off the back of the attention their recently released second album, ‘Singularity’, has been enjoying, the band quickly take control of the growing audience with their own brand of metal. With hints of djent and metalcore combining with singer Adrian’s hardcore-style vocal, Northlane waste no time in whipping the crowd into a frenzy – generating rabid enthusiasm from what is a short set.


Live Music: Karnivool @ Metro Theatre, Sydney – Dec 29, 2012

09 Jan

Lifemusicmedia recently published our live images and review of Karnivool’s Sydney show at the Metro Theatre on Saturday December 29, 2012. You can now read the review below and simply click on the thumbnails or CLICK HERE to go view all 37 images of Karnivool and their support act, High Tension.

Karnivool @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Dec 29, 2012     Karnivool @ Metro Theatre - Dec 29, 2012

Karnivool @ Metro Theatre - Dec 29, 2012     Karnivool @ Metro Theatre - Dec 29, 2012

There’s little disputing Karnivool‘s place among the top echelon of Australian music. Their unique brand of progressive rock/metal has won them fans all over the world, including international music critics and renowned musicians alike.

However, the tardy Sydney crowd had this reviewer more than a little worried when four-piece support act High Tension took to the stage to a half-full Metro Theatre. Had Sydneysiders let one of Australia’s best bands down? Had we all fled the city for the Xmas holidays?

Thankfully it was not the case and as High Tension, led by their Eva Spence-style screaming front woman, ripped through their high-energy, fuzz-bomb of a set (only their third gig, apparently), the room continued to fill with eager punters. It’ll be good to watch this band continue to get more stage time together as their incendiary riffage will benefit from an even greater stage presence.

By the time Perth’s Karnivool take to the stage, the Metro is full to the back bar with enthusiastic fans. It’s truly heartening to see the venue packed for an Aussie band and the mood is largely happy and light-hearted with people clearly here to witness something special. Karnivool don’t disappoint, either.