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Live: The Amity Affliction + Architects + Ghost Inside + Buried in Verona @ Big Top, Sydney – 29 Sept, 2012

17 Oct

Originally published on, here’s our review and photo gallery from the recent Amity Affliction gig at Sydney’s Big Top, Luna Park on September 29, 2012. The Australian metalcore band was supported by UK’s Architects, USA’s Ghost Inside and Australia’s Buried in Verona.

Amity Affliction, September 29, 2012     Amity Affliction, September 29, 2012

Amity Affliction, September 29, 2012     Amity Affliction, September 29, 2012

“Tonight’s all-ages gig meant it was an early start for punters hoping to check out all four bands playing The Big Top at Sydney’s Luna Park. While the eager crowd wrapped its way around the Luna Park grounds in serpentine fashion, patiently waiting for the doors to open, it seems as though most of the other press outlets missed the memo on playing times, with the photo pit looking rather barren for opening act, Buried in Verona.

Playing to a half-full venue, the Sydney sextet appeared a more polished, confident band than when this reviewer last caught them supporting Sweden’s Soilwork at the Manning Bar at the tail end of 2010. They’re plagued by the usual opening-act muddy mix, which is exacerbated by the three-guitar attack that’s the fashion these days. And while the clean vocals (courtesy guitarist Richie Newman) have improved a lot, every time singer Brett Anderson tries to sing along it all falls apart.

Live Gallery: Sick of It All + Agnostic Front + Toe to Toe @ Manning Bar – 05.05.2012

13 Jun

Issue 10 of Australian Hysteria magazine is on-sale now, featuring our live photos from the recent Sick of It All show at the Manning Bar at Sydney University on May 5, 2012. Supports included Australia’s punk veterans Toe to Toe and New York’s Agnostic Front.

The last time Hosking Industries had seen Agnostic Front was when Ben worked at the long-defunct Music Factory in Newcastle, NSW Australia back in the mid-late 1990s. The rehearsal studio boasted a cool live venue downstairs called The Pitt (that was the spelling) that played host to hardcore and punk bands from all over the world. Agnostic Front played two shows that day, with an all-ages in the morning for the kids and an over-18s later that night. Ben was charged with making sure the band were comfortable during their stay.

All three bands put on excellent performances this time around at the Manning Bar, although Agnostic Front singer Roger Miret was feeling the rage for other reasons: a series of technical issues causing plenty of angst and no doubt creating some tension back stage after their set.

Despite the humourous and numerous comical excursions and larger-than-life persona of Agnostic axe-slinger ‘Stigma’, Sick of It All were still the highlight of the night with brothers Lou and Pete Koller putting on live wire performances. In fact, it’s always surprising Pete doesn’t collapse with cardiac arrest, considering the non-stop performance he puts on. Anyway, enjoy our gallery of 30 pics from the show! CLICK HERE to view them on our Flickr page.

Sick of It All @ Manning Bar, Sydney     Sick of It All @ Manning Bar, Sydney

Sick of It All @ Manning Bar, Sydney     Sick of It All @ Manning Bar, Sydney


Live Photos: No Sleep Til Sydney Festival – Dec. 18, 2010

21 Dec

I attended the No Sleep Til Sydney festival at the Sydney Entertainment Quarter on Saturday December 18, 2010 on behalf of (check over there for my full review soon). No Sleep Til Sydney was a big one-day metal and punk show held on three stages, including the main stage within the Hordern Pavilion.

Notable acts performing on the day included Megadeth, Atreyu, NOFX, GWAR, Katatonia, Dropkick Murphys, Frenzal Rhomb, Suicide Silence, Parkway Drive, Alkaline Trio, the Descendents and many more.

CLICK HERE or the thumbnails below to view the entire 190-odd image gallery!

No Sleep Til Sydney 2010 No Sleep Til Sydney 2010
No Sleep Til Sydney 2010 No Sleep Til Sydney 2010
No Sleep Til Sydney 2010 No Sleep Til Sydney 2010