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TesseracT + Circles @ Metro Theatre, Sydney – Sept. 15, 2018

03 Oct

Live Review: TesseracT + Circles @ The Metro Theatre, Sydney – September 15, 2018


Warning: this review may end up sounding a little biased. Both Circles and TesseracT occupy a very high level of rotation on this humble scribe’s playlists in any given month. There… I said it!
Anyway, I digress. Let’s begin 🙂
Melbourne’s Circles have undergone some significant change since I last witnessed them live at Sydney’s Bald Faced Stag – both in terms of personnel and sound. Now a four-piece after the departure of a guitarist and singer, new singer/guitarist Ben Rechter seemed right at home fronting the band tonight – which was a big relief to this reviewer. There’s no denying that they were some large shoes to fill.
There’s also no denying that Circles circa 2018 is a different band to the one that brought us some of Australia’s top modern metal over the last eight years. But it’s a case of different good, not bad.
While Rechter handles the old material with seeming ease (playing guitar as well as performing the vocals), Circles’ new material, as heard on new album The Last One, has shed some of the more jagged ‘djent-ish’ angularity in favour of bigger choruses and a direction that is a little more straight ahead than before. Some might call it a more ‘mature’ direction. Either way, it’s killer and tonight’s performance more than lives up to the lofty heights that those new tunes have reached. It’ll be a great injustice if Circles don’t at least reach the level of bigger progressive bands like Karnivool within the next few years.
TesseracT walked onto a darkened stage and showed no signs of nerves at having to perform after such a strong act. After all, this nearly-full Metro crowd was here to see them – and over the next hour or so, the UK band didn’t disappoint.
I’m not sure how I missed it, but the last time the band was on our shores was 2015. I was lucky enough to see them in a very sweaty Annandale Hotel on their first Australian tour back in 2011 with Periphery and the band has been through a lot over those ensuing years. Singer Daniel Tompkins left the band after that tour with TesseracT releasing an excellent second album fronted by another singer before Tompkins returned to the fold. They’ve released two stellar discs since then, including latest, Sonder.
To his credit, Tompkins performed cuts from Altered State despite being originally performed by Ashe O’Hara and he did a killer job of them, too. In fact, the set list included tracks from across the band’s four album history and the crowd lapped up every emotionally charged second of it – including Tompkins’ trademark dramatic stage moves.
There was no encore, but no one seemed too upset by the fact. TesseracT had done their job and the audience was spent, having witnessed a truly astounding and technically brilliant performance of modern progressive metal. Hopefully we’ll see the band back on our shores before too long.


Tesseract @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Sept. 15, 2018

Tesseract @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Sept. 15, 2018

Tesseract @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Sept. 15, 2018

Live Gallery: Dead Letter Circus + sleepmakeswaves @ Metro Theatre – Sydney, Dec 19, 2014

06 Jan

Dead Letter Circus @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Dec 19, 2014     Dead Letter Circus @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Dec 19, 2014

Dead Letter Circus @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Dec 19, 2014     Dead Letter Circus @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Dec 19, 2014 recently published our live review and image gallery from Dead Letter Circus‘ headlining show at Sydney’s Metro Theatre, supported by sleepmakeswaves on December 19, 2014. Read our review below and CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails above to see the full image gallery:

What a way to close out the gigging year: a headlining shot from Dead Letter Circus at Sydney’s venerable Metro Theatre, supported by sleepmakeswaves. Sydney’s 4-piece instrumental act sleepmakeswaves are an interesting proposition, given the lack of a front person. Yet despite the unconventional post-rock style, in the vein of recent acts like Scale the Summit and Russian Circles, the band is keeping the audience’s attention easily – not doubt via their combination of soaring crescendos and delicate, intricate twin-guitar interplay. Tonight is certainly the perfect Aussie prog’ tonic for a hard, working year.


Live Gallery: Cannibal Corpse + Hour of Penance @ Metro Theatre, Sydney – Sept. 11, 2014

16 Sep

Cannibal Corpse @ Metro Theatre, Sydney     Cannibal Corpse @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Sept, 11, 2014

Cannibal Corpse @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Sept, 11, 2014     Cannibal Corpse @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Sept, 11, 2014

Enjoy our live review and image gallery of 29 photos from Cannibal Corpse‘s Sydney concert at the Metro Theatre on Sept. 11, 2014 – originally published at

When Cannibal Corpse last played Sydney two years ago at the Manning Bar, punters were left bruised, broken and scarred. If the line up for tonight’s show at the Metro is anything to go by, there’s sure to be a room full of battered corpses by the end of the night.

Italy’s Hour of Penance opened up proceedings with their brand of Behemoth-esque death that had the quickly-filling venue moshing. Having just been to our shores last year in support of Poland’s Behemoth, there were plenty of punters singing along enjoying the unrelenting riffing and punishing blastbeats – occasionally interrupted by crushing mid-tempo numbers like ‘Ascension’. By the time they reach their last track, the middle of the dance floor has opened up into a raging circle pit.


Live Gallery: Anathema @ Metro Theatre, Sydney – 22 August, 2014

03 Sep

Anathema - Metro Theatre, Sydney - Aug 22, 2014     Anathema - Metro Theatre, Sydney - Aug 22, 2014

Anathema - Metro Theatre, Sydney - Aug 22, 2014     Anathema - Metro Theatre, Sydney - Aug 22, 2014 recently published our photo gallery and live review of UK band Anathema‘s recent Sydney show at the Metro Theatre on August 22, 2014. It was the band’s first tour to our shores in their 25-year history. You can now see both here! CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails above to see the gallery.

Spiritual. Transcendental. Spellbinding. Miraculous. That’s the best way to describe Anathema‘s first Sydney concert in their 25-year history. There’s electricity in the air and from the first bars of Untouchable Part 1, everyone can feel it – including the band themselves who are visibly stoked at the reception. (more…)

Live Music: Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders in Premier Guitar Magazine

28 Mar

One of our photos of Tosin Abasi from Animals as Leaders performing in Sydney in January made it into the latest issue of Premier Guitar magazine!

Tosin Abasi in Premier Guitar - April 2014

Live Gallery: Clutch + Don Fernando @ Metro Theatre, Sydney – Feb. 20, 2014

02 Mar

Clutch @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Feb. 20, 2014     Clutch @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Feb. 20, 2014

Clutch @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Feb. 20, 2014     Clutch @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Feb. 20, 2014 recently published our photo gallery and review of the Clutch sideshow at Sydney’s Metro Theatre, as part of the annual Soundwave cavalcade. Check out our 30-image gallery and read the review below. CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails above to jump to the gallery:

It begins… The first Soundwave Sidewave shows hit Sydney’s venues in earnest, with Maryland, USA nitro-charged rockers Clutch getting into the swing of things early at Sydney’s Metro Theatre. Supported by Melbourne four-piece Don Fernando, it’s the first time the rock royalty have visited our shores since 2010 and as vocalist/preacher Neil Fallon and his beard proclaim, “Let’s make up for lost time!”

Having not heard of Melbourne’s Don Fernando previously, it was a nice surprise to find that they more than lived up to their self-proclaimed status as being “tight as fuck, no bullshit”. The band’s taught, driving rock and roll grabbed the early crowd’s attention as they pummeled through a decent 45-minute set of four-to-the-floor tracks. Even their slower, more Kyuss-like moments lost none of the crushing energy of the faster numbers. Be sure to catch them at the Cherry Rock festival in Sydney in May.


Live Gallery: Between the Buried and Me @ The Metro, Sydney – Nov 16, 2013

03 Dec

Between the Buried and Me @ Metro, Sydney - Nov 16, 2013     Between the Buried and Me @ Metro, Sydney - Nov 16, 2013

Between the Buried and Me @ Metro, Sydney - Nov 16, 2013     Between the Buried and Me @ Metro, Sydney - Nov 16, 2013

Hosking Industries got to witness the sonic gumbo that is Between the Buried and Me at Sydney’s Metro Theatre on Saturday November 16, 2013. Not existing fans of the band, it was a surprising and impressive show of dexterity and songwriting. Indeed, all three bands (including Melbourne’s Ne Obliviscaris and Indiana’s The Contortionist) were unique, complex and entertaining in their own unique ways. Please take the time to read our full report below which was originally published via

Tonight’s line up at Sydney’s Metro Theatre was nothing if not unique. Each of the three bands possess highly distinct sonic aesthetics that set them apart not only from one another, but the rest of the current metal scene. It promised to be an interesting night of heavy metal and we’re sure no one left disappointed.

Melbourne’s Ne Obliviscaris brought their own enthusiastic crowd to open the night’s festivities. Not only did the six-piece (including a singing violinist in the form of Tim Charles) receive plenty of applause when they announced they were working on their second album, but the band wasted no time whipping the early crowd into a healthy mosh. Indeed, when Tim put down his violin and launched into the crowd for a mid-set crowd surf, the punters were only too eager to oblige. No doubt their mix of extreme progressive metal (complete with some black metal overtones and lush, extended instrumental sections) won them a number of new fans tonight as well.


Live Music: Karnivool @ Metro Theatre, Sydney – Dec 29, 2012

09 Jan

Lifemusicmedia recently published our live images and review of Karnivool’s Sydney show at the Metro Theatre on Saturday December 29, 2012. You can now read the review below and simply click on the thumbnails or CLICK HERE to go view all 37 images of Karnivool and their support act, High Tension.

Karnivool @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Dec 29, 2012     Karnivool @ Metro Theatre - Dec 29, 2012

Karnivool @ Metro Theatre - Dec 29, 2012     Karnivool @ Metro Theatre - Dec 29, 2012

There’s little disputing Karnivool‘s place among the top echelon of Australian music. Their unique brand of progressive rock/metal has won them fans all over the world, including international music critics and renowned musicians alike.

However, the tardy Sydney crowd had this reviewer more than a little worried when four-piece support act High Tension took to the stage to a half-full Metro Theatre. Had Sydneysiders let one of Australia’s best bands down? Had we all fled the city for the Xmas holidays?

Thankfully it was not the case and as High Tension, led by their Eva Spence-style screaming front woman, ripped through their high-energy, fuzz-bomb of a set (only their third gig, apparently), the room continued to fill with eager punters. It’ll be good to watch this band continue to get more stage time together as their incendiary riffage will benefit from an even greater stage presence.

By the time Perth’s Karnivool take to the stage, the Metro is full to the back bar with enthusiastic fans. It’s truly heartening to see the venue packed for an Aussie band and the mood is largely happy and light-hearted with people clearly here to witness something special. Karnivool don’t disappoint, either.

Live: Cannibal Corpse, Psycroptic, Disentomb, Entrails Eradicated @ Metro Theatre – October 6, 2012

22 Oct

Originally published at, here are our photos and live review from the recent Cannibal Corpse gig at the Metro Theatre in Sydney on October 6, 2012. The American death metal veterans were supported by Australian metal bands Psycroptic, Disentomb and Entrails Eradicated. In typical Metro fashion, the lighting was abysmal. CLICK HERE or on the thumbs below to view the pics.

Cannibal Corpse @ Metro Theatre, October 6, 2012     Cannibal Corpse @ Metro Theatre, October 6, 2012

Cannibal Corpse @ Metro Theatre, October 6, 2012     Cannibal Corpse @ Metro Theatre, October 6, 2012

Australian death metal fans generally aren’t quite as lucky when it comes to high-profile gigs like their brethren who enjoy less-heavy strains of metal. You could probably blame the state of the music industry for the lack of international death artists all the way over here to our little patch of dirt in the middle of nowhere.

Therefore it’s a testament to the talent, determination and endless road miles put in by death metal legends Cannibal Corpse that Aussie fans have had the luxury of seeing the band live on our shores no less than three times in the last 10 years. However, despite the surprising regularity with which we have been able to enjoy Cannibal Corpse’s punishing live show, tonight’s gig at Sydney’s iconic Metro Theatre is no less special for it. The fact that the band is being supported by three Australian death metal acts tonight just adds to the impact.

First up is Western Australia’s Entrails Eradicated whose brand of super fast, super technical death leaves a half-full venue worth of punters with heads spinning. As if having two guitarists wildly sweep picking their way through a set wasn’t enough, their bare-footed, 6-string-weilding sweep picking bass player is enough to make this reviewer want to put the bass away and go become an accountant.

Live Gallery: Lostprophets + Kids in Glass Houses + Versaemerge @ Metro Theatre

24 Apr

The annual Soundwave Festival brought a ton of great international bands to Sydney through February and March of 2012 and if the festival itself wasn’t enough to get you smiling, there was also a full week’s worth of official ‘Sidewave’ gigs where the various bands would team up and put on additional shows in smaller venues. One such Sidewave was headlined by Lostprophets at Sydney’s Metro Theatre on February 28, 2012.

We shot this gig for Australian Hysteria magazine and the band were supported by Kids in Glass Houses from Wales and American band Versaemerge. We weren’t asked to review this gig, suffice it to say that all three bands put on a great show with plenty of energetic performances by each and having watched the previous night’s show with Angels & Airwaves at the UNSW Roundhouse, it was nice to see three bands with singers who could sing.

Anyway, check out 32 images from the gig by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below and enjoy!

Lostprophets @ Metro Theatre     Lostprophets @ Metro Theatre

Lostprophets @ Metro Theatre     Lostprophets @ Metro Theatre