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Feature Car: Wayne Penrose Racing Volkswagen Beetle

18 May

I’d been hanging to see my shoot on Wayne Penrose’s incredible race car make it into print. This thing is unlike any other Beetle you’re ever likely to see. It might look like a ’70s Superbug, but underneath is a Formula-2 open-wheel race car running a huge 2827ml stroker motor with a T04E/60-1 turbo making 460rwhp! Look at the attention to detail in this thing! You can read the whole story of it’s 25-year history in the latest issue of VW Magazine Australia, on-sale nationwide now.


As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.

Wayne Penrose Racing Volkswagen Beetle

Wayne Penrose Racing Volkswagen Beetle     Wayne Penrose Racing Volkswagen Beetle

Promo Shoot: Team Bray Racing for Gulf Western Oil

21 Feb

I was commissioned to photograph Victor and Ben Bray of Team Bray Racing for Gulf Western Oil‘s latest marketing campaign late in 2016. These are the main shots that the company have been using for their ads and posters.


Gulf Western Oil - Team Bray Racing - Promo Shots

Gulf Western Oil - Team Bray Racing - Promo Shots

Gulf Western Oil - Team Bray Racing - Promo Shots

Feature Car: Evolution Custom Ind’s Porsche 944

24 Mar

So issue 199 of Zoom magazine is out now on newsstands everywhere and has our photo of the Evolution Custom Ind Porsche 944 on the front cover! We figured it was about time to bring you our patended (not really) collection of FREE desktop wallpaper images from our photo shoot.

The 944 boasts a built turbo four that’s making over 500hp and thanks to its finely tuned suspension setup, super wide stance and brilliant engineering, is laying down fast times on tracks around the country. Be sure to pick up issue 199 of Zoom and read the whole story.

As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.

Evolution Custom Ind's Porsche 944 WTAC Racer

Evolution Custom Ind's Porsche 944 WTAC Racer     Evolution Custom Ind's Porsche 944 WTAC Racer

Image of the Day: Nissan S15 Drifting at Supernats 16

18 Nov

Nissan S15 Silvia Drifting

I’ve been getting a fair bit of panning shot practice in lately whilst shooting cars for feature spreads in various magazines (I’ll post some shots from those as they’re published). I got a ton of practice at the recent Supernats 16 event at Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney, NSW Australia; where I scored this shot of an S15 Nissan Silvia drifting on the main circuit.

Click on the image for a FREE 1280-resolution desktop wallpaper!

Drag FAIL!: Rod Hadfield Almost Hits Starting Official in 1985

08 Apr

We found this on today and just had to show you.

The news piece reports that this video from the 1985 Nationals at Heathcote Park Raceway shows Rod Hadfield losing control of his ’32 Ford during a burnout on the start line, narrowly missing the starting official in the process.

We watched it a couple of times and couldn’t clearly hear his name mentioned, but we trust their judgement. Eitherway it’s a classic trip down memory lane and the official’s short-shorts are still representative of Heathcote’s safety policies even today! We kid.

Check this video out:

Forum Wars: Internet Loud Mouths Face Off For Real

05 Apr

Automotive discussion forums are renowned and loathed for the segment of users that think they know it all. You know the ones. They’ll tell you that they’ve been there and done it all and generally make nuisances of themselves at every opportunity by making sure their opinion on anything and everything has been heard the loudest. Jeebus help you if you dare to challenge their wealth of knowledge.

Instead of designing some new form of super virus to slowly and systematically wipe them all out, Royal Purple have teamed up with the Speed Channel in the US to create a TV show where noted loud mouths face off against one another in real automotive challenges.

The premise of “Forum Wars” is to put these annoying folk on a real race track so they can put their skill where their mouth is – should they have any. The first episode is due to air Monday April 5 US time and will see a Shelby Mustang GT500 go up against a Nissan 350z.

According to news reports, various driving disciplines will be covered, including circuit and straight line ability. CLICK HERE or the image below to head to and watch the video below.

We still kind of yearn for the deadly virus idea, personally.

Busted: F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton Rips Skid on Melbourne Street, Gets Busted

01 Apr

We read an amusing report on Autoblog over the weekend that F1 driver Lewis Hamilton was busted pulling a burnout in Melbourne – on a public stretch of road. While that piece of road is used as part of the Albert Park race course, at all other times the road is a public thoroughfare.

Lewis’ Mercedes Benz was reportedly impounded for two days under the tough Victorian anti-hoon laws, proving that celebrity won’t always get you out of trouble. We guess that as motoring enthusiasts, this news is probably heartening, knowing that the cops don’t just discriminate against the average car lover.

Drift Madness: Tanner Foust Drifts Mullholland Drive!

21 Mar

Ken Block seems to have really started something with his awesome motorkhana videos – not that we’re complaining!

The latest motorsport personality to try his hand at ballsy promo videos is Rockstar Energy Drink’s Tanner Foust. Blocking off the famous Mullholland Drive in Malibu California, Foust drifts his 600hp TRD NASCAR V8-powered Scion drift car along the several kilometres of pristine twisty stuff with apparent ease. It doesn’t look so pristine after Foust gets his tyres on it, though 🙂

Watch and enjoy!

Commodore fans: RHS LSx Race Block for BIG HP!

21 Mar

There’s a definite benefit to a country with 300-odd million people: there’s always plenty of money getting around that allows for decent product development. This is one of the reasons why we see so much excellent aftermarket product coming from the US of A.

We stumbled across this gem of a news piece on the other day. RHS have just released a new extreme duty LS alloy block for the racer in all of us. From the impressive specs that they rattle off in their press release (below), it could be lightweight competition for the GMPP LSX block. As Bangshift states, it boasts “a raised cam centerline, priority main oiling due to redesigned oil galleys, standard and tall deck options, and a thicker deck surface”. Sweet!

RHS Press Release:

GM LS engines have truly set a new standard for V8 performance and durability. However, there are  limitations  for  the  aftermarket  shopper  when  it  comes  to  finding  a  high  performance replacement for the factory block. Aware of this dilemma, the research and development team at RHS® went to work designing and testing several different versions of GM LS engine blocks until they found the optimal solution for performance engine builders and racing enthusiasts. 

The LS Race Block is designed for added clearance and mass customization. Available in both standard  (9.240”)  and  tall  (9.750”)  deck  heights  with  an  extra-thick  deck  surface  (.750”),  this RHS®  block  features  a  raised  cam  centerline  and  priority  main  oiling  via  an  oil  galley  that  is shifted outboard to allow rod clearance for a much larger stroke (4.600”) while also minimizing windage in the crankcase. Using computer-aided design, the cylinder walls are Siamese cast with press-in spun cast iron liners. Cylinder liners are available in both standard deck (5.67”/5.87” – same as the LS7) and tall deck (5.94”/6.38”) lengths. Also featured is a 6-bolt head design with a full water jacket around each cylinder (based on the LS7 design).

For  quality  control  assurance,  RHS®  performs  a CT  scan  on  each  block  (similar  to  a  medical CAT  scan)  to  maintain  maximum  casting  precision  and  consistency.  Combine  all  of  these features with a superior finish quality, thanks to the RHS® patented Clean Cast Technology™, ultra-precise computer aided design and extra surface material to allow custom machining, and you’ve got a GM block that sets a new benchmark for LS horsepower, torque and durability.