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Video: Hosking Industries’ 2016 Portrait Portfolio on Youtube

03 Feb

Following on from our recent automotive portfolio video on Youtube, we’ve just finished a video showcasing our favourite portrait shots and uploaded it! It only takes a couple of minutes, so check it out in glorious 1080p HD!

Cover Shot: Oztrack for Performance Garage Magazine

05 Jan

Whoa, another month and seemingly, another front cover for Performance Garage magazine! This makes number five in a row. Issue 34 sees our photo shoot on the guys at Oztrack hit the front page, joined by our shoot on Todd Herbert at Eastside Kustoms in Newcastle, Australia.

Performance Garage - Issue 34

Live Music Photography: Train @ Enmore Theatre

22 Jun

I went and saw American pop/rock group Train at the Enmore Theatre (Sydney) last night for Again, not my kind of music, but they were consumate professionals who delivered a very slick performance to a relatively full house. The audience was made up of a lot of women, of all ages and apparent backgrounds. I suppose that’s because of their chart-friendly vibe – but don’t they realise they’re all old men?

I’ll be scribbling up a review of the show for LMM soon, but suffice it to say that the show seemed to mainly revolve around the singer and the bald guitarist, with the other musicians hiding in the shadows behind. It often reeked of cabaret, with a lot of banter to the audience, interaction and even a moment when the singer brought six young women onto the stage to sing along to one of their hits.

I’ve uploaded a selection of images that I took on the night to my flickr page. CLICK HERE to see more. A selection of images exclusive to will be online shortly.


Day 3 of 365 – Spew Likes Birds

08 Jun

Day 3 of 365 – Spew Likes Birds
This is ‘Spew’ making his famous ‘bird noise’ as he intently watches two minor birds on the roof of the house next door. Cute bastard.

Just another ‘365’ project; but my first. I’ll be taking pictures of my two cats, Punk and Spew, each day and posting my favourite here. I’ll be trying to capture their personality with each one, but also try and make each image different from the last. Some may include them play fighting, sleeping, stretching, watching the world out the window or looking me straight in the eye.
All images are copyright, but I hope you enjoy anyway.

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Household Textures

19 May

Another week has rolled by and it’s time once again for another Wicked Wednesday texture session. This week we’ve assembled a series of six totally FREE high-resolution textures from around our home and those of our families. We’ve included things as mundane fly screen, vertical blinds and fabric as well as a couple of more oddball textures such as corrugated tin and wicker from a cane chair.

As usual, the textures are FREE for private and commercial use, however resale and repackaging is prohibited.

Click on the thumbs for the full-res experience:

Band Photography: Chinchen

20 Apr

Chinchen 3

Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

This is a shot from a shoot I did with Newcastle band Chinchen several years ago. It was shot on 35mm transparency film and cross processed to achieve the exaggerated look. This shot was subsequently used on the band’s posters and also on the cover of Newcastle street press, U-turn.
Hosking Industries offers affordable professional band/artist photography in the greater Sydney/Newcastle area. Contact us for a quote:

My Cat 'Spew'

03 Apr

2010_FEB22 138

Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

Here’s a quick photo of one of my two cats, affectionately and quite rightly called ‘Spew’.

It’s one of a number of shots you can find on my Flikr page right now, with more being uploaded almost every day!