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Sneak Peek: Kit Hunter’s Holden VL Calais Drag Car

04 Nov

A sneak peek at our photo shoot on Kit Hunter’s amazing VL Calais drag car, shot for Street Commodores. This car has been in the scene for decades and keen punters will know some of its history. Be sure to read all about it in an upcoming issue of Street Commodores.


Kit Hunter's Holden VL Calais

Cover Car: ‘NITTO II’ Nissan R32 GTR for Zoom Magazine

03 Jul

Our photo shoot on the insane ‘NITTO II’ Nissan R32 GTR made the front cover of the new issue of Zoom magazine! This monster runs in the 7sec ET zone and currently holds the world record in its radial tyre class. Be sure to read all about it in issue 213 of Zoom, on sale this month.

Zoom Magazine - Issue 212

Cool Tech: ZF Make Carbon Fibre Suspension Struts for BMW

24 Apr

While carbon fibre has been around for decades now and has been lauded as the super composite, thanks to its strength and light weight – we’re yet to really see its use spread wider than for things like body panels, random interior panels or the accasional racing wheel. This probably has more to do with the cost of manufacturing than anything else.

BMW have long been known – along with Mercedes – for pushing automotive technology into new, exciting territories; and they’ve now teamed up with ZF (the mob famous for their 6-speed gearboxes behind the iconic VN Group A SS) who will be designing and manufacturing carbon fibre front Macpherson struts for small cars. Better, the German company say that there’s no reason why the technology won’t spread into large cars, as well.

This is great news, should the rest of the industry take notice and follow suit.; primarily because as emissions standards continue to become more restrictive, it’s going to be harder for manufacturers to keep up. We reckon one of the easiest ways that OEMs will be able to improve emissions is through the use of light weight matierals, such as aluminium and composites. Certainly, there’s been a lot of talk about it within the industry for years. There just hasn’t been a lot of action.

A side benefit to the use of lighter suspension components is a reduction in unsprung weight, which would provide great improvements in on-road handling – especially for the circuit racers.

Blind Faith: Turkish Singer Sets New Blind Land Speed Record

13 Apr

We recently brought you a story of Hein Wagner, a blind South African man who successfully completed a road circuit with the aid of a co-pilot helping to navigate. Wagner had also previously become the world’s fastest blind person by travelling at over 200mph with the aid of a co-pilot.

Well, it seems Hein’s remarkable bravery has inspired others to give it a red hot go, too. We recently heard of a Turkish pop singer named Metin Senturk setting a new unassisted world record for the fastest speed set by a blind person, taking his Ferrari 430 to a top speed of 292.89km/h (182mph).

With his helper halping to navigate from a support vehicle driving behind, Senturk broke the record on an airstrip in Eastern Turkey. Senturk was quoted as saying that the run, “was really hard, like a dance with death”, in true dramatic pop fashion. According to a news story on Autoblog, the record was previously held by a British banker who’s best was 284km/h. Amazing.