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Live Gallery: Korn + Rob Zombie + Mushroomhead @ Luna Park Big Top, Sydney – Feb. 24, 2014

13 Mar

Korn + Rob Zombie @ Luna Park Big Top, Sydney - Feb 24, 2014     Korn + Rob Zombie @ Luna Park Big Top, Sydney - Feb 24, 2014

Korn + Rob Zombie @ Luna Park Big Top, Sydney - Feb 24, 2014     Korn + Rob Zombie @ Luna Park Big Top, Sydney - Feb 24, 2014 published our image gallery and live review of the Korn and Rob Zombie double-header at Luna Park’s Big Top in Sydney on Feb 24, 2014 – supported by Mushroomhead. The show was a side show to the annual Soundwave Festival. CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails to check out our gallery of 38 images and read our review below:

What a freakin’ line up! Tonight’s Soundwave sideshow has sold out Luna Park’s Big Top and had punters lining up around the venue since 9am. It’s hardly surprising when you have Nu Metal legends Korn and comic super villain Rob Zombie headlining the same bill.

Opening tonight’s festivities are the masked crazies Mushroomhead. While their sound may not completely live up to their evil image, they offer an interesting three vocal assault, combining rap, screams and melodic vocals over a thickened bed of crushing riffs and soaring choruses. Tonight’s performance quickly whips up the early crowd, with all three singers launching into the crowd at one point.

This reviewer was on hand at the Hordern Pavilion many, many moons ago when Korn first toured this country. They band was a total revelation at the time, leading the way for an army of rip-off nu metal bands. The last time we saw them was on the ‘Life is Peachy’ tour, possibly also before some readers were out of nappies. So, it was with some excitement that we watched them stride onto the spacious Big Top stage to deafening applause and kick right into a career-spanning set that opened with an electric rendition of ‘Falling Away From Me’.


Interview: John 5 (Rob Zombie) for

02 Sep

Listen to the John 5 have just published my recent interview with Rob Zombie and noted solo guitarist John 5

There aren’t many guitarists out there displaying as much originality and commitment to their craft as John 5. Long known as the axeman behind such artists as Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, he’s also played with such luminaries as Rob Halford, David Lee Roth and Paul Stanley. When he’s not touring with Zombie, he’s playing session work with artists from a wide range of styles including Ricky Martin and recording his own solo albums; such as his latest effort, ‘The Art of Malice’ which is available now.

CLICK HERE to listen to the entire 20-minute audio interview.


CD Review: John 5 – ‘The Art of Malice’ for

13 Jul have just published my review of John 5’s latest album, ‘The Art of Malice’. An instrumental album, the former Marilyn Manson and current Rob Zombie guitarist adds his own distinct flavour to the art of shred. Read the excerpt of the review and CLICK HERE or on the album cover to read the full review on

‘The Art of Malice’ is a dynamic record that peaks and troughs well throughout its 12 tracks. Just as you get comfy immersing yourself within the drama of slower tracks like ‘Can I live Again’ and the tension of ‘Fractured Mirror’, you’re beaten over the head by thrashy outbursts and millions of notes in tracks like ‘Portrayed as Unremorseful’…

CLICK HERE to read the full review.