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Live Gallery: Children of Bodom @ Sydney HiFi – May 9, 2014

21 May

Children of Bodom @ HiFi Sydney - May 9, 2014     Children of Bodom @ HiFi Sydney - May 9, 2014

Children of Bodom @ HiFi Sydney - May 9, 2014     Children of Bodom @ HiFi Sydney - May 9, 2014 recently published our live review and image gallery from Finland’s Children of Bodom, who rocked Sydney’s HiFi Bar on Friday May 9, 2014. Now we bring you our full review and image gallery of 20 concert images here. You can see the review below and CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails to check out the full gallery:

It’s a fittingly chilly evening in Sydney for Finnish metallers Children of Bodom. The pale-skinned shred-tastic troupe from the North country probably blew right into town on the cold wind that’s brought with it a motley crew of fans from all over like some kind of Pied Piper.

The lower level of the Hi-Fi isn’t quite full, but those who braved the chill have been rewarded with a set of scorching tracks from across Children of Bodom‘s extensive back catalogue. The mix is crystal clear and ear-drum bruising – just what’s required for the oft-complex and finger-busting technical riffs and licks that come screaming from the Hi-Fi stage.


Slayer, Anthrax and Kingdom of Sorrow @ Big Top, Luna Park – 25.02.13

14 Mar

Slayer, Anthrax and Kingdome of Sorrow in Sydney     Slayer, Anthrax and Kingdome of Sorrow in Sydney

Slayer, Anthrax and Kingdome of Sorrow in Sydney     Slayer, Anthrax and Kingdome of Sorrow in Sydney

We had the pleasure of photographing and reviewing Slayer‘s concert at Sydney’s Big Top at Luna Park on Monday February 25, 2013. It was their ‘Sidewave’ show, supporting the annual Soundwave festival and the band was joined by Anthrax and Kingdom of Sorrow. We shot and reviewed the gig for Click HERE to check out the gallery, or read the below:

Ahh, the annual Soundwave cavalcade. A time for sunburn, aching legs, aching livers and severe tinnitus. For those with average bank accounts, Soundwave is usually a choice between the main festival and the many and varied accompanying ‘Sidewave’ shows.

For some, the choice to purchase tickets to a Sidewave is more about being able to see their favourite bands in a more intimate environment with a few thousand other die-hards instead of tens of thousands. We’re left in no doubt tonight that many of the punters filling Luna Park’s Bog Top in Sydney fall squarely into the third category: those who feel compelled to spend up and see their favourite band/s in both arenas. Tonight’s Sidewave, starring Slayer, Anthrax and Kingdom of Sorrow is truly an exceptional line up of talent for one intimate venue and it comes as no surprise to find a long line of black-clad dudes stretching out past the big open mouth of the amusement park.

Photo Gallery: Exodus @ Manning Bar – October 2, 2010

04 Oct

I attended the Exodus gig at the Manning Bar on the campus of the university of Sydney on Saturday October 3, 2010 – shooting it for Exodus is one of the seminal ‘Bay Area’ thrash bands from the USA that were around since the birth of thrash. Kirk Hammett from Metallica was actually in Exodus before he joined Metallica in the early 1980s.

Supporting acts on the night were Subtract from New Zealand and Switchblade from Australia. Switchblade played a form of technical death metal with a rather clean cut image. All the band members were wearing matching black work shirts with their logo on the sleeve. Kinda reminded me of early Staind, when they all were black Dickies or Ben Sherman shirts.

I will probably also be reviewing the gig, but for now enjoy the photos!

CLICK HERE or on one of the four thumbnails below to view the entire gallery:

View the entire Exodus image gallery View the entire Exodus image gallery
View the entire Exodus image gallery View the entire Exodus image gallery

Interview: Bullet for My Valentine in Reverb Street Press

04 Jul

The latest issue of Reverb street press in the Newcastle region of New South Wales has my interview with Matt Tuck from Welsh metal band Bullet for My Valentine in it. As it’s a hard copy publication, I’ve posted the interview below for you to read. However, if you wish to view their online version of the newspaper, CLICK HERE.

I’ll have plenty more of the conversation with Matt available online here shortly. We discuss stuff like his signature Jackson flying-v, recording processes and equipment, live gear and much more.

Bullet for My Valentine interview
Bullet for My Valentine interview 2


Interview: Jeff Waters from Annihilator on LMM

28 Jun have uploaded the 30-minute audio interview with Jeff Waters; frontman of Canada’s thrash legends, Annihilator.

We discussed the band’s 26-year history, their brilliant new self-titled album and what the future holds for the group. Jeff also discusses his new signature model Epiphone Flying-V, his writing and recording processes and much, much more in this lengthy interview.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.
CLICK HERE to read my review of their latest album.


CD Review: Annihilator – Self Titled Album for

16 Jun have just published my review of Annihilator’s latest self-titled album. Check the excerpt below and click the album art and hyperlink to read the full review:

…this – their 13th studio album to date – easily qualifies as their finest effort in the last 20 years or so. A self-titled album, ‘Annihilator’ is brimming with speedy, precise riffage that effortlessly melds old-school thrash with more modern technical metal that will surely have you damaging neck muscles in the bedroom, car or public transport…

CLICK HERE to read the full review.