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Front Cover: Eddie and Younan's XE Falcon

Barra XE and 2000hp TT BBC Monaro

I snagged some page space in the April issue of Street Machine with three feature shoots and some event coverage from the Taildraggers show. I’ll bring galleries from the photo shoots here very soon! Check back. 

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Cover Car: Tim's 1000hp Ford Falcon

1000hp Blown and Injected Cover Star

I got to end the year with a bang, shooting my second front cover in a row for Street Machine magazine. Not yet seen by the public at the time, the car was unveiled at Summernats this month.

Stay tuned for some more images from the shoot soon. 

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Front Cover: Street Machine 2023 Yearbook

Rob's 615ci Monster LX Torana Hatch

I got a nice Xmas surprise in the mail yesterday! The new issue of Street Machine goes on sale today and features my shoot on Rob’s ballistic Sonny’s-powered Torana hatch on the cover!
Grab your copy today and check it out. 
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Cover Car: Tim Laidler's HSV SV88

14/71-Blown 540ci HSV SV88

Tim Laidler’s insane HSV SV88 mixes rare HSV genes with stupendous mechanical prowess to forge something truly nutty.

It boasts the same slightly-odd two-tone metallic blue paint as the original, as well as a modified OEM-style trim… but the similarities end there. Gone is the Holden V8, replaced by a monster 540ci big-block, crowned by a mechanical injected 14/71-blown setup that Tim says he can remove to use the car on the street.

The mag is still on sale now, so go grab a copy today and read all about the build! 

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Cover Car: Ray's VN Commodore

Supercharged LS2 KNG GRP A

2022 didn’t exactly end the way I would have liked, with nerve damage as a result of surgery to my right arm. It meant I couldn’t use a mouse, play guitar or really do anything with my right hand.

Shortly before that happened though, I got to shoot Ray Elia’s latest creation – this gorgeous ode to the mighty VN Group A SS.

Powered by a blown and injected LS2, the VN is detailed to the hilt, no matter where you look. You’d be forgiven for thinking that all this detail would preclude Ray from driving the car, but even before the Nats this January, you could find Ray driving the car all over the place!

My shoot was featured on the front cover of the December issue of Street Machine. 

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Front Cover: Ray Elia's VN Commodore

Ray Elia's VN Commodore

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Ray Elia’s latest creation for the front cover of Street Machine’s December 2022 issue, which is on sale now.

Keen readers will remember his white blown LS-powered VK Brock-alike that I shot for Street Machine’s Commodore title a few years back.

Best of all, this beast is already getting driven on the street despite not yet being done with show season.

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Front Cover: VW Mag Australia - Nov '22

VW Mag Australia - Nov 2022

The new issue of VW Magazine Australia (VWMA) is out this week and contains three of my photoshoots. Gracing the front cover is Izzy’sheavily patina’d single-cab, as well as Dean’s Karman Ghia and Anthony’s rare-as Puma coupe from South America.

Be sure to pick up a copy and check out their stories! #supportprint

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Cover Shoot: Street Machine - March 2022

Michelle White's HZ Holden Premier

The March issue of Street Machine is on sale now and features my photo shoot on Michelle White’s HZ Holden Premier on the front cover! You’ll also find my photo shoot on Paul Camilleri’s gorgeous LX Torana sedan inside, complete with a frame from his massive shed skid. Check my socials soon for the full video of that effort! 🙂

I’ll post some more photos from both photo shoots over the coming weeks. So stay tuned. In the meantime, get out and grab yourself a copy of the new mag.

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Front Cover: Anandh's 1965 VW Beetle

Slammed, Stroked and Dead Sexy

Issue 73 (Feb/April 2022) of VW Magazine Australia hits the newsstands this week and features two of my photo shoots. The shoot on Anandh Maistry’s incredible 1965 Beetle graces the front cover, with an inset shot of Maher’s  slammed Mk1 Golf.

Be sure to grab a copy from your local newsagency to read more about these two distinct and amazing builds! I’ll post more images from both shoots over the coming months.

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Front Cover: Street Machine Jan 2022

Jason Mansweto's XY Falcon '2ENIL8'

The January 2022 issue of Street Machine is on sale now and features my photoshoot of Jason Mansweto’s Ford XY Falcon on the front cover. Also featured inside this issue is my photo shoot on Louis Younis’ ’57 Chev. It’s a big issue, complete with a Summernats guide and history of the event. A must-have for people attending and nostalgia buffs who want to look at a ton of great images from previous years. Grab your copy today!

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